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    Family cycling

    Are you looking for an active family getaway? If the answer is YES, then you’ve visited the right page.


    Slovenia, a small and safe country in the heart of Europe, is ideal for a family holiday. If you like good food, seek unspoilt green areas and love cycling, then your choice should not be a difficult one.

    5 reasons to enjoy family cycling around Slovenia

    #1: The excellent diverse landscape and natural beauty will surely impress you no matter what part of Slovenia you visit. You’ll find suitable cycling trails everywhere.

    #2: Slovenia is a green country, as most of its area is covered by forests. We’re proud of the quality of our tap water and we breathe high-quality air.

    #3: The distances are short here, infrastructure is well-maintained, and tourist destinations easily accessible.

    #4: We are proud that Slovenia is one of the safest European countries with a low crime rate.

    #5: We are known for excellent cuisine, unique mineral waters, and world-class wines. Slovenia must be tasted!

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

    Where to take your family?

    There are truly many suitable trails. All family members are sure to have a great time if you take your bicycles on the well-maintained cycling path from Gozd Martuljek or Kranjska Gora to Bela Peč Lakes (Laghi di Fusine). A true Alpine fairy tale!


    The Alps take it easy on cyclists in the area of Bohinj, too. The cycling trail along the River Sava Bohinjka takes you from Bohinj towards Bohinjska Bistrica. It’s a very beautiful trail, and your children will be excited about the livestock on pasture along the way.


    In Primorska, you’ll be impressed by the Parenzana trail. If the entire trail is a bit much, you can simply cover a portion of it. Don’t miss the part that runs through an abandoned tunnel. It will excite your children’s imagination.


    If you visit Rogla in the Zreče Pohorje Hills, you’ll certainly be able to enjoy unspoilt nature and many cycling trails suitable for unforgettable family moments.

    A cycling trail around the Logar Valley


    In Thermal Pannonian Slovenia, which extends in eastern Slovenia, cycling trails will mostly take you through flat areas or gentle low-elevation hills. In Pomurje, explore the mystical world along the River Mura or go on many other cycling trails that take you across plains and amidst gentle wine-growing hills.


    In Dolenjska and Posavje, you’ll find interesting wine roads that take you between ‘zidanice’ cottages and through gentle hills covered in vineyards. Explore the banks of the River Krka or cover one of the many well-maintained cycling trails that criss-cross this landscape.

    The Parenzana cycling trail