To the mountains or on a bike? Both, of course.


    Mountain biking

    Is there anything more beautiful than cycling in unspoilt nature, on forest paths and winding mountain trails?

    If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast and are still dipping your feet in this sport, you’ll agree that experiencing nature and testing your abilities on a mountain bike is pure joy.


    Some prefer rocks and an idyllic mountain atmosphere, while others enjoy the hills more, as they’re embraced by lush forests. In Slovenia, you can do both. You can make your day even better by visiting mountain biking trails, family trails, many other bike parks. You can find them in Kranjska Gora, Krvavec, the Maribor Pohorje Hills, Cerkno, Vogel, Koroška, and Javornik. Electric mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular, too.

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

    Where will you be off to?

    Nature is close and easily accessible.


    There are restrictions in Slovenia regarding riding bicycles in nature, but these will not prevent you from having the most beautiful experiences. There are plenty of exciting mountain biking destinations, for beginners and top-class mountain bikers alike. Most of them can be found in the Alps, but there are also many of them elsewhere in Slovenia.

    The Alps are the best

    Enjoy riding your bicycle and respect unspoilt nature! The Slovenian Alps have much to offer.  Some of the top Alpine destinations include Bovec, Kobarid, and Tolmin in the valley of the River Soča in the Julian Alps. The incredible landscape and numerous mountain roads, paths, and dirt roads provide ample opportunities for mountain bikers.

    Conquer the Vršič Pass and other peaks surrounding Kranjska Gora. Explore the forested Pokljuka plateau and the Bohinj Valley. A mountain backdrop with numerous mountain roads and trails with various levels of difficulty rises above the Bohinj Valley.


    The Kamnik and Savinja Alps invite you with their 130 km circular trail, and the Trans Karavanke trail runs across the Karavanke Alps.

    Incredible cycling infrastructure and lush forests can also be found in Koroška, the Maribor Pohorje Hills, and the Zreče Pohorje Hills. You’ll be impressed by the more than 150 km of cycling trails.


    In the Tržič area, you can go down 24 mountain biking trails with various levels of difficulty. Along the way, you’ll find many dairy farms and mountain cabins.


    There’s plenty for mountain bikers outside of the Alps, too. The Idrija and Cerkno Hills, which are only just under a half an hour ride from the capital city of Ljubljana, have a network of forest trails.


    You can also find terrain suitable for mountain biking in Posavje and Kočevje.

    Top 5

    Top cycling trails

    The Slovenian Cycle-Touring Trail

    On this circular cycling route, you’ll cover all of Slovenia. It’s very dynamic and many mountaineers would feel proud to take it. It covers 1800 km and if you ride this trail in its entirety, you’ll cover an impressive 50,000-metre elevation difference! The highest point is the Poštarski Dom mountain Cabin in Vršič at an elevation of 1688 metres, while the lowest points are Piran and the Sečovlje Salt Pans at an elevation of 1 metre above sea level. In technical terms, the trail is not difficult. It takes you past 109 checkpoints. These include more than 50 mountain cabins and specialised accommodation intended for cyclists (hotels, holiday apartments), where you can rest and get some food and drinks, and many tourist sights.

    Pohorje Cycling Transversal

    Lovers of forest trails and mountain bikes can visit the 75 km dynamic cycling trail running through the forests of the plateau-like Pohorje Hills. It connects the eastern part of the Pohorje Hills, which rises above the city of Maribor, to its western part. It ends at the foot of Kremžarjev Vrh Hill in Koroška. The trail is marked in both directions. If you embark on your journey from the east, from Maribor, you can take the Pohorje gondola to your starting point in Bolfenk. Local cycling trails from all of the major centres surrounding the Pohorje Hills connect to this trail.

    Trans Slovenia 1 and 2

    The Trans-Slovenia 01 mountain biking tour is a part of the famous Transalp trail that connects Slovenia, Italy, and Austria. The trail will take you from the Julian Alps through the picturesque Soča Valley to the Brda Hills, and then through the Vipava Valley and across the mysterious Karst to the coast. On your journey, local culinary specialities and a rich cultural heritage await you. Trans Slovenija 02 is the natural continuation of the first route. It begins at the Faaker See in Austria, takes you across the Karavanke Alps into Slovenia, over the Pokljuka Plateau and Soriška Planina to Idrija, then across the Karst to Piran. In a technical sense, it’s more difficult that the Trans 01 tour and it’s suitable for electric bikes.

    Trans Karavanke

    Slovenia’s longest mountain range, the Karavanke Alps, extend for 120 km along the border with neighbouring Austria and are a true magnet for mountain bikers. The Trans Karavanke cycle-touring trail is divided into five stages and extends from Jezersko to the Triple Border (Tromeja) in the far northwestern part of Slovenia. It mostly runs on the forest roads of the sunny side of the Karavanke Alps and its suitable for mountain bikers who are in good physical condition. The length of the single-day stages are from 25 to 35 km, and the largest elevation difference in a single day is 1650 m. Stunning nature and breathtaking views are guaranteed.

    Mt Peca underground

    In Koroška, the Mt Peca underground to be exact, you can go mountain biking underground. The 6 km unique trail takes you deep underground, through abandoned mining tunnels. A guide will safely take you through these tunnels, with the path illuminated by your headlamps. And this is not all. Some sections have been flooded by crystal clear water, which created subterranean lakes that you can explore in kayaks. A double measure of adrenaline and fun guaranteed!