Central Slovenia

A green corner just a stone’s throw away from Ljubljana

Osrednja Slovenija


    If you're in Ljubljana and you’d like to quickly unplug from the hustle and bustle of the city, head towards Brezovica.





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    Brezovica is located next to the Ljubljana Marshes in an unspoilt natural environment. The car ride from Ljubljana to Brezovica will only take a few minutes, and if you’d like to get some exercise, go to Brezovica by bicycle.


    The area has a network of cycling trails that lead towards Vrhnika, Podpeč, and Ljubljana. Brezovica is also the starting point of many trails that lead to day-trip destinations in the immediate vicinity of Ljubljana—to Rakitna, Podpeč, Jezero, or Kamnik pod Krimom.

    In the heart of a green oasis

    Brezovica offers many hiking and cycling trails next to the Ljubljana Marshes. The lake in Rakitna is also a popular starting point for active experiences.


    Rakitna, known for its beneficial climate, a lake, and lush nature, is one of the most popular day-trip destinations in Ljubljana’s surrounding area. It’s surrounded by forests, in which you can find various hiking trails. There’s a modern hotel by the lake. In summer, you can go swimming in it, while ice-skating is possible in winter.


    Active experiences in Brezovica and its surrounding area

    There’s no lack of hiking, walking, and cycling trails in Brezovica and its surrounding area. Hike up to the 1107-metre-high Krim Hill or explore Rakitna. The lake in Rakitna is a starting point for the popular circular walking trail and for the archaeological educational trail that will take you to the remains of Roman defensive tower and wall dating back to the third century A.D.


    Vast areas suitable for cross-country skiing surround Rakitna.


    You can also go fishing in the lake. You’ll be able to catch carp, grass carp, the common perch and trout.