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Škofja Loka area knocks on your heart

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    An intertwinement of views, nature, history and new experiences!

    Škofja Loka Area

    An intertwinement of views, nature, history and new experiences!



    Škofja Loka Area

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    In the centre of Slovenia, where the Alps begin to descend towards the sea, explore the millennial impressions of culture, art and nature. Get to know Škofja Loka, a mystic town of great drama – the Škofja Loka Passion Play – which is inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Discover Gorenja vas-Poljane and the Poljane valley – a land of great love beneath Blegoš. Visit Železniki – a place of ironworking and lacemaking in the Selca valley. Head to Žiri and don suitable footwear to make new discoveries.

    Open your heart and visit Škofja Loka

    The Škofja Loka area is a paradise for hikers, cyclists and anglers, while in winter there is plenty for skiers too. The landscape, encircled by the Cerkno and Idrija hills, is heaven for all outdoor enthusiasts.

    Active Every Day of the Year


    The Škofja Loka area inspires you to test yourself and go beyond your limits: inspire your creativity, get active outdoors, and taste local specialities.


    The Škofja Loka hills, which lie in the embrace of the Cerkno and Idrija hills and right on the edge of the Julian Alps, are interspersed with numerous marked hiking trails that lead to hilltops and peaks from where there are unforgettable views far and wide.


    Cycling enthusiasts have a network of well-arranged and marked cycling paths in the varied terrain of the Škofja Loka hills and the Sorica fields. The entire network forms the 390 kilometre-long Loka Cycle Route. In the heart of the town of Škofja Loka a 2.7 kilometre trim trail begins next to Loka Castle. The circular trail traverses varied terrain with wonderful views of both valleys and the medieval town.


    There are three fishing rivers in the Škofja Loka area, which have a total length of 84 kilometres and, thanks to the abundance of life, are a paradise for keen anglers.


    On hot summer days the Sora river with its natural bathing areas invites one to cool off in its pools and to appreciate the assets offered by nature.


    On cold winter days the area offers numerous active experiences. Skiers and snowboarders will find the snow-covered slopes of the Stari vrh, Soriška planina and Rudno ski pistes a challenge, while cross-country ski and sledding trails provide an alternative source of winter recreation.