Welcome to the cradle of Alpine skiing

    smučarska vozovnica za vsa slovenska smučišča, Ski pass Slovenia
    smučarska vozovnica za vsa slovenska smučišča, Ski pass Slovenia

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    Winter sports

    Alpine skiing

    Skiing in Slovenia? Of course.

    Slovenian ski resorts are diverse, but all of them offer fun in the snow for all generations and all types of skiers, regardless of their skiing abilities.


    The smaller ski centres will impress you with their authenticity and relaxed atmosphere. The larger ski centres are usually a part of mountain centres with a wide variety of available activities throughout the year and well-developed infrastructure. In addition to sports fun, ski centres will also take your breath away with their unspoilt nature and incredible views of the surrounding valley and peaks.


    In lower-lying ski centres, you’ll be able to enjoy forested plateau-like slopes. Higher-lying ski centres, located at an elevation from 1500 m to 2300 m, are less wooded or completely rocky and they offer incredible panoramic views. If the conditions are right, the skiing season in Slovenia can even last until May.

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

    Skiing in Golte

    Truly close

    One of the key advantages of Slovenian ski centres is that they are easily accessed and the distances are short: the closest mountain centre to the Jože Pučnik Airport is only 8 kilometres away, so it’s only about a 30-minute car drive from the capital city of Ljubljana to the gondola station. Close, right?


    Even access to the most remote ski centres on the border with neighbouring Italy or Austria won’t take you longer than about a 2-hour drive from Ljubljana. Ski buses are also worth checking – during the season, there are daily lines to major ski centres.


    If you get a single Skipass, you can go skiing at all of Slovenia’s ski centres. Just pick the one you prefer most.

    Krvavec Ski Centre

    In the company of skiing giants

    If you’d like to see for yourselves how the global skiing elite skis and enjoy a cheering atmosphere, you can spend your winter holiday by seeing one of the two traditional Alpine skiing World Cup races: the Vitranc Cup in Kranjska Gora or the Golden Fox in Maribor. We’ll be there for sure.

    Rogla Ski Centre