Skiing on wild mountain terrain

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    Ski touring

    Leave your trail in the snow

    Many opportunities for going down untouched hillsides

    Ski touring is an excellent way to explore remote mountain areas and to experience genuine contact with wild nature in winter. It takes place in unmarked and unpatrolled areas, outside of dedicated ski runs. The appeal of ski touring is not just going down unspoilt slopes, but also ascending them, which will thoroughly warm you up and awaken your spirit.


    If the snow conditions are right, ski touring can also be enjoyed by those who would rather avoid hiking up the slopes. They can use cableways to go to the top of the ski run and then descend into the valley on ungroomed snow-covered terrain. A ski pass is required for such activities.

    Always on the right track

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    Daring winter experience

    Where to go ski touring?

    There are a lot of areas suitable for ski touring on unspoilt slopes in Slovenia: Jezersko, Logar Valley, Kanin, Golte Plateau, Mt Smrekovec, Mt Raduha, Grohot, Vogel, Krvavec area, Pokljuka Plateau. The most visited peaks that can be reached in a single day are: Mt Viševnik, Mt Dovška Baba, Mt Jalovčev Ozebnik, Kredarica Cabin from Krma Valley, Savinjsko Sedlo, Turski Žleb … The Komna Plateau is also very popular, for beginner and advanced skiers alike. If you prefer longer tours, the three-day crossing of the Julian Alps is certainly unforgettable, as you go from Vogel across the Komna Plateau, past the Seven Lakes, the Kredarica Cabin, and reach your destination in the Vrata Valley.  The Trans Julian Alps tour from Mt Golica to Mt Stol is also interesting.

    Ski touring above the Pokljuka Plateau

    May your experience be unforgettable, but safe!

    Ski touring is among the most difficult winter sports, mainly due to the risk of avalanches, falls, slips, and quickly changing weather conditions. Furthermore, proper physical condition and experience in skiing outside of groomed slopes are required. Therefore, ensure your adventure begins with suitable preparation: learning about the weather and snow conditions and suitable equipment are a mandatory part of each ascent.


    The rule of thumb is that skiers should always go ski touring in tandem or in a group, never alone!


    Enquire about the depth of the snow cover, the snow conditions, and the risk level related to avalanches. Don’t go ski touring for at least three days after heavy snowfall or if a rise in temperatures is forecast.


    Take into consideration that, in winter, days are short and most mountain cabins are not open. However, all mountain cabins have a ‘winter room’ open in winter, which allows visitors to spend the night. In addition to winter rooms, there are also 17 bivouacs in the Slovenian mountains, where you can seek shelter.


    If you don’t have enough experience, it is recommendable to hire a mountain guide. The guide will select a destination that is suitable for your abilities and experience. Guided tours are popular. They are offered by mountain guides who are a part of the Mountain Guide Association.


    You shouldn’t take shortcuts or make compromises when it comes to equipment either. Ski tourers need:

    • Ski touring skis with ski touring bindings
    • Skins or dogs
    • Ski touring boots
    • Protective clothing, helmet, and goggles
    • Gloves
    • Sun screen
    • Ski poles
    • A first-aid kit, aluminium foil, a headlamp, a whistle
    • Avalanche rescue equipment: an avalanche transceiver, which signalises the precise location of the avalanche-covered victim, a shovel, and an avalanche airbag pack, which allows the avalanche victim to make an air pocket around themselves to breathe.


    Good luck!


    The Kamnik and Savinja Alps