Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

Active experiences in the valley of green gold

Termalno-panonska Slovenija


    A rich cultural heritage, plenty of reasons to be active, and brewing tradition





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    Žalec in the Savinja Valley is considered to be the centre of hops production in Slovenia. The distinctive hop gardens have left a unique green mark on the landscape. Beer lovers like to visit it to see the Green Gold beer fountain.


    Žalec and the surrounding green hills provide plenty of opportunities to spend your free time actively.

    The green Savinja Valley

    Many experiences await you here, as well as opportunities to forget your everyday life and get some rest in the shelter of a green valley, embraced by green gold, surrounded by friendly people.

    Pekel (‘Hell’) Cave—the karst gem in the middle of the Štajerska region

    If your journey takes you to Žalec, make sure to take some time to tour the Pekel Cave. Over millions of years, the Ponikvica Stream seeped through this limestone plateau, thus creating this magical karst cave. It was named after the image of a devil, which, with a bit of imagination, you can see above the cave entrance. In winter, when the temperature in the cave is warmer than the outside air, steam comes out of the cave, which has contributed to our forebears naming the cave Pekel (‘Hell’).

    A well-secured trail runs through the cave past numerous cave formations, and it’s suitable for tourist visits.


    Active experiences in Žalec and its surrounding area

    There are many hiking, themed, and walking trails available for hikers and walkers. The 14 km Hop Trail takes you amongst hop gardens, and hikes to hills in the surrounding area offer wonderful views of the green valley.


    The Kotečnik climbing site provides 300 climbing routes of various levels of difficulty, and its suitable for beginners and climbing pros alike in all seasons.


    You can go cycling on no fewer than nineteen marked cycling trails that form a network of trails in the Lower Savinja Valley.


    Visitors can go fishing at the Tajht Pond in Podvin near Žalec and in the River Savinja.