Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

A land as beautiful as a beautiful dream

Termalno-panonska Slovenija

    Jeruzalem Slovenija

    A magical landscape where the Drava plain and gentle wine-growing hills offer an oasis for unforgettable experiences.



    Jeruzalem Slovenija


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    Jeruzalem with its holy name, energy lines, wine road with high quality white and red wines, exceptional viewpoints and a pilgrimage church – the town justifies the name of the heavenly place It is a landscape located in north-eastern Slovenia, between the Drava and Mura rivers. The municipalities of Ormož, Središče ob Dravi and Sveti Tomaž with their tourist farms, wine cellars, restaurants, guesthouses, apartments, RV rest areas, cycling routes, bridleways, waterways and walking routes, Ormož Basins Nature Reserve, the Središče ob Dravi Landscape Park and numerous museums invite you into their embrace!

    In the saddle of a bicycle

    This magical landscape, where the flatland and the gentle hills offer as ideal surroundings for sport, is a true oasis for people who want to experience nature from the saddle of a bicycle. The destination is interspersed with the following marked cycle routes with meaningful names: Cycling route Jeruzalem, Cycling route from Pumpkin to Šipon, the Sunny cycling route, the Honey cycling route, the Exceptional Nature cycling route and the Cycling route Ormoške gorice.


    These meander over the waves of wine hills, lie across fields and meadows, wind along the Drava and streams, meander through courtyards with geese, pass sacral and cultural landmarks and stop at excellent inns, cellars and tourist farms.


    If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one from us.


    The flatlands and mountains of Prlekija also invite to short and longer walks among fields of cereals, poppies, forests and terraced wine hills in the hilly countryside, which offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. The routes of the Jacob’s Way – the Hungarian branch, the European walking route E7, the Ormož mountain trail, the Disabled trail at Kog, the Trail from the well to the well, etc., pass through our region.