Summer refreshment at town beaches

    Even the biggest adrenaline junkies and people who love spending time outdoors in nature love visiting our cities and towns. If you visit any of them in the hot summer months, make sure not to forget your swimsuit. City and town beaches invite you to get refreshed.


    If you’re visiting our capital city of Ljubljana, there are quite a few city swimming areas available: Kolezija and Ilirija Swimming Pools are just a stone’s throw away from the city centre. You can also be refreshed at the Kodeljevo Swimming Pool or the Laguna City Beach. There is even a camping site at the latter. If you visit the Atlantis Water City, you can go swimming and enjoy water slides in summer and in winter, as indoor pools are available.


    In Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city, you can be refreshed at the Mariborski Otok Swimming Pool. It’s located in the direction of the Kamnica area, just under five kilometres from the city centre. Visitors can reach the swimming pool by taking a walk on a nice walking path along the River Drava.


    On the coast, in Koper to be precise, the Žusterna Summer Pool is popular. Those who would like to enjoy some active fun in water, visit the Aquapark Hotel Žusterna, where you can go swimming in fresh or salt water. People who love the sea can enjoy themselves at the town beaches in Portorož, Koper, or Piran.

    Portorož beach

    You can also find town swimming pools and beaches in many small towns. In Celje, you can go swimming at the summer pool on the banks of the River Savinja. The Gorenjska beach in Tržič will take your breath away with its view of the surrounding peaks in the Karavanke Alps. There is also a motorhome park nearby. The beach on the shore of Lake Velenje is also very popular. In addition to swimming, many other water activities on and in the water can be enjoyed here. If you’re in Murska Sobota, cooling off at the Fazanerija Summer Pool is a must.  Find some refreshment at pools in Kranj, Kamnik, Ajdovščina, Trbovlje, Brestanica, Hrastnik, and Radeče.

    Family joy at city and town swimming pools