Alpine Slovenia

The capital of the Slovenian Alps

Alpska Slovenija


    Kranj is the only town in Slovenia from which you can look at Slovenia's tallest peaks – Mt Triglav, Mt Stol, Mt Grintovec, and many others.





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    It’s this mountain backdrop that gave Kranj the name ‘capital of the Slovenian Alps’. The Alps are truly close to this town; you’ll need less than an hour to reach the closest mountain. If you love hiking in the mountains, we recommend the 2132-metre-high Mt Storžič.


    Two rivers surrounding Kranj give the town its strong character. The River Kokra created a 30-metre-deep canyon beneath the town, which is worth seeing. The River Sava flows on the other side of the town, and its area is a true paradise for fishing and fly fishing.

    A postcard from the capital of the Slovenian Alps and the centre of Gorenjska.

    Kranj is considered to be the only town in Slovenia from which you can gaze upon the top of the highest mountain in the Slovenian Alps, Mt Triglav

    Active experiences in Kranj

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a local from Kranj who does not do any winter sports. The closest winter activity to the town is cross-country skiing. The Krvavec Ski Centre is also not far; it provides a wide range of winter (and summer) activities.


    As Kranj is the capital of Alpine Slovenia, it of course has many hiking options. If you’d like to enjoy a photo safari, go to Jamnik; you can also take a lot of photos in the picturesque canyon of the River Kokra.


    There are also a lot of cycling trails. At the Britof Sports Park, you can put your cycling skills to the test on a pump track covering 800 square metres. It’s suitable for cyclists, skateboarders, and scooter lovers.


    The surrounding area of Kranj provides a lot of fishing opportunities.