Magical subterranean world

    Karst caves, magical subterranean world

    A tour or an adventure in the incredible Postojna Cave

    Postojna Cave is truly something special. Over millions of years small water droplets shaped magnificent cave formations and created one of the most beautiful caves in the world.


    Vast underground galleries and halls with stalactites and stalagmites can be seen by visitors, partly on foot and partly by taking an underground train. However, Postojna Cave is not only known for its beauty. This is also home to the ‘human fish’ (proteus), an endemic species, a true pioneer of survival, which has adapted to the unique cave environment without light and long periods without food.


    In the vicinity of this magnificent underground cave, nestled into a mighty rock face, you can find the more-than-800-year-old Predjama Castle, known for many hidden tunnels and a four-storey underground cave.

    Postojna Cave

    Explore the underground world like a true speleologist

    Select an adventure that is perfect for you. Experience more demanding underground passages, go across water obstacles, and visit caves which are not usually open to the general public.


    You’ll best experience the network of the Postojna cave system by taking a true cave exploration tour through Pisani Rov passage (Colourful Passage), Spodnji Tartar passage (Lower Tartarus), Postojna Cave, Črna Cave, and Pivka Cave. This medium-difficulty tour takes from four to six hours and is not suitable for children under the age of 15.


    Pivka Cave

    Have you ever gone trekking underground? If you go trekking through three caves – Postojna Cave, Črna Cave, and Pivka Cave – the path will take you through passages build in the period between the two world wars. This man-made passage enables an easy transition from one cave to another, which provides an opportunity to experience the significant size of the Postojna Cave system.

    Črna Cave

    Slovenia is a karst country. The Karst is the very area that lends its name to the karst phenomena all around the world.

    The In the footsteps of Luka Čeč tour, named after the local who discovered the most beautiful parts of Postojna Cave in 1818, takes visitors through the parts of Pivka Cave and Črna Cave that are not open for tourists. Accompanied by experienced speleologists and biologists, you will follow in the footsteps of the first explorers, and discover the most beautiful parts of Postojna Cave.


    Male Jame is a 500-metre passage in Postojna Cave, which is closed for regular visitors. This passage is adorned with rich cave formations that make this easy tour, which lasts two and a half hours, seem to pass too quickly.

    Stalactites and stalagmites only grow by one millimetre in ten years. The largest ones in Postojna Cave exceed 16 metres.