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    Exploring caves

    Our stunning underground world will take your breath away with sights that you have never seen before

    Slovenia is the cradle of cave tourism and karstic phenomena. Caves were first adapted for mass visitors as early as in the 17th century. Today, there are already more than 10,000 registered karst caves, and an additional 100 are discovered every year.


    If you are interested in our underground world, there’s truly much to choose from – you’ll find everything from easy tours to more demanding expeditions. Some of the most-visited and most popular caves are the Postojna Cave and the Škocjan Caves.


    There are also many caves that are suitable for more demanding speleology expeditions. These can be explored under the guidance of experienced speleologists. If you don’t have suitable knowledge and experience, never go in these caves by yourselves.

    Škocjan Caves

    From easy tours to more demanding expeditions

    The Postojna Cave is one of our greatest tourist gems. A special cave train will take you to magnificent sculptures, stalactites, stalagmites, and halls. This cave is home to a unique ‘human fish’ (proteus), an endemic species that has lived in the cave for millions of years. In addition to tourist visits, more demanding tours are available, too.


    Škocjan Caves are just as stunning. These caves are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Gaze into the deepest and largest underground canyon in the world. And there’s also much more in store for visitors with some extra courage.


    Križna Cave will impress you with a series of underground emerald-green lakes, on which you can take a boat rode to magnificent karst halls under the guidance of experienced speleologists. This is also the site where the remains of a cave bear, which hibernated in the cave during the ice age, have been found.


    The Križna Cave

    Do you dare go to hell (Slov. Pekel)? Pekel Cave is more than 3-million-year-old karst cave in the Savinja Valley. The highest subterranean waterfall in Slovenia can be found here.


    In Divača Cave, peace and unspoilt beauty have been sought by the likes of Sigmund Freud and Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria-Hungary.


    A walk through Dimnica Cave is a true science lesson, where you’ll learn about karst phenomena. Explore it with a headlamp accompanied by speleologists.

    Pekel Cave

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