Poletne počitnice, Kampiranje v Beli Krajini, kamp Podzemlje, Photo: Jošt Gantar

Summers holiday in Slovenia. Where to go?

    Five ideas for summer holidays and days out in Slovenia

    Have you decided where you’ll be spending your summer holiday? Spring is already well under way – which means that it’s about time you began thinking about where and how you’ll be spending the summer. Make your holiday a little different this time round by spending it in Slovenia. You’ll be intrigued by what you can do during the long summer days in our beautiful green country. So we’re going to give you a few ideas to get you started.

    Why is Slovenia so special?


    Let us start by telling you what a glorious, magical country we live in. Slovenia is a fascinating and highly diverse place. It stretches from the Adriatic Sea towards the south-west and then all the way to the Pannonian Plain in the north-east. In the north, it is encircled by the mighty peaks of the Julian Alps, the Karavanke and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The north-west is dominated by the hills of Pohorje, while the south of the country glories in vine- and orchard-covered hills and plateaus. It’s a hugely varied landscape, then, and one that offers countless opportunities for an active holiday.

    Slovenia is a land of boundless opportunity for lovers of the outdoors, as well as for families who delight in spending their holiday, or a shorter break, in pure, unspoiled nature.

    Are you looking for some summertime peace and quiet, a place to relax? Perhaps you’re more keen on some sporting activities to get the blood pumping and the adrenalin flowing? You could also be looking for a waterside location that your kids will enjoy too.


    Slovenia offers all this and much, much more.

    Poletne počitnice, Lovrenška jezera, Rogla, Jošt Gantar, Summer vacation in Rogla, Lovrenc lake

    Lovrenška lake, Rogla

    Poto: Jošt Gantar

    Bela Krajina and the River Kolpa


    You could head for the Bela Krajina region, bordered by the Gorjanci/Žumberak massif and the forested plateau of Kočevski Rog. In this undulating landscape, you’ll find a wealth of family-friendly cycle paths, along with trails for those looking for a stiffer challenge. There are also a large number of well-kept hiking paths, and the clean Kolpa river offers you a chance to cool off when the mercury rises. You’ll love splashing around in the water, or navigating the river by SUP, kayak, canoe or boat. Where the water is deeper, you’ll have the chance to enjoy some family rafting.


    There is no shortage of overnight accommodation in Bela Krajina and its surrounding area. Private accommodation is available, as are hotel rooms at Hotel Bela Krajina for those who require a little more pampering, and the Kovačnica Sreče Holiday Home. For those who like to fall asleep under the stars, well-kept Camping Bela Krajina is a great choice. This campsite also contains an adventure park offering magnificent views over the Kolpa river basin.


    Hotel Otočec, which sits by the River Krka on the way to Bela Krajina, is aimed at active, sports-oriented holidaymakers. It, too, boasts an adventure park. A large number of well-maintained biking and hiking paths are situated nearby, with specially marked Nordic walking trails even closer to hand.

    Poletne počitnice v Sloveniji, Bela Krajina, Pusti Gradec, Photo: Tomo Jesenicnik

    Bela Krajina, Pusti Gradec

    Poto: Tomo Jeseničnik

    Kamnik-Savinja Alps


    Are you a mountain lover? Do you enjoy endless walks through Alpine valleys? Do you fancy tackling one of the peaks that stretch way over 2,000 metres into the sky?


    The Kamnik-Savinja Alps, with their glorious glacial valleys and fresh mountain air, offer summer holidays to rejuvenate body and soul.


    Upper Savinja Valley


    Preživite poletne počitnice v Lučah in obiščite katero od osamljenih visokogorskih kmetij. Ohladite se lahko v

    Why not spend summer days in Luče and visit a remote Alpine farm or two? Cool down in Snežna Jama, one of the highest Karst caves in Slovenia. If the weather is right, the cave’s icicles can survive the whole year intact.


    Logarska Dolina Nature Park is the crowning glory of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. This glacial valley is one of the most popular starting points for treks into the Alpine world, and for family cycling, hiking and simply taking in the pristine mountain air. The valley contains a large number of waterfalls, as well as the two sources of the Savinja river (Rinka waterfall and the Črna pool, which lie in the valley itself). All are well worth a visit. If you make it to this part of Slovenia, you’ll want to visit one of the other glacial valleys as well,  such as Robanov Kot, which is also a nature park, and Matkov Kot. You could make for Solčava by bicycle or on foot along the Panoramic Road.


    Not far from Logarska Dolina are the well-situated Šmica and Menina campsites. In addition to cycling and hiking, Šmica also offers river-based activities. Give yourself up to the current and try your hand at rafting and kayaking on the Savinja. If you’re not such a fan of nights under canvas, the Menina campsite offers accommodation in wooden huts. There is also an adventure park offering fun and a multitude of challenges to children and adults alike. The campsite also has a small lake on which to test your SUP or boating skills. The wild and untamed Savinja is home to numerous exciting activities.


    A summer holiday spent here will not lack for fun or outdoor activities. You can plot a course along the river by mini raft, kayak or canoe. The Savinja abounds in fish of all species, so take your rod and settle yourself down by the water. Who will catch the biggest fish? Happiness and fun abound during summer holidays spent in this part of the world.

    Poletne počitnice, Logarska dolina, Solčavska panoramska pot, Photo Jošt Gantar

    Solčava panoramic road

    Poto: Jošt Gantar

    Jezersko and Preddvor


    We also recommend visits to the Preddvor and Jezersko valleys. You’ll definitely be enthralled by the magical Kamniška Bistrica Valley, where you can visit the gorges of Veliki and Mali Predaselj, the source of the Kamniška Bistrica river and one of the area’s beautiful waterfalls.


    Cerklje na Gorenjskem and Krvavec


    In the foothills of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, you’ll find the small town of Cerklje na Gorenjskem, which is a good jumping-off point for a trip up to Krvavec. This peak is a popular ski resort in the winter months, and becomes home to hikers and mountain bikers when the weather turns warmer. Krvavec Bike Park is well-maintained and features quite a large number of cycle paths and trails across dynamic mountain terrain. Hiking enthusiasts will definitely love the Pot Pastirskih Škratov (or Dwarf Herdsmen’s Trail). It is an educational trail that features various puzzles and games to while away the hot summer days. If you’re planning to stay a little longer, you’ll find some lovely accommodation at Hotel Krvavec.

    Kolesarski park Krvavec

    Bike park Krvavec

    Poto: Jošta Gantar



    Zreško Pohorje and Rogla


    Pohorje is an area of uplands some 1,500 m high, with a rich array of ski resorts. In the summer, though, it becomes a popular hiking and biking destination. You’ll be spoiled for choice when settling on a precise location. The most popular destination is Rogla – a vibrant ski centre during the winter and a real mecca for cyclists, hikers and families in the warmer months. Rogla’s beautifully appointed hotels offer somewhere to stay in the summer, and are the perfect base for exploring the wilds and primeval forests of Pohorje. If you’re a mountain or downhill biker, you won’t want to miss Rogla Bike Park. As you set out to explore the wonderful natural settings of Pohorje, be sure not to miss the Lovrenc Lakes, which are among the area’s most stunning sights, then set off for Osankarica and Črno Jezero (Black Lake), and Ribniško Pohorje, which also boasts a lake (Ribniško Jezero).

    If you’re the kind of person who fancies a more action-packed adventure, you’ll be thrilled with the new Pohorje Tree Top Walk on Rogla.


    The Pohorje slopes also make for a wonderful holiday destination. If that idea grabs you, we recommend the small town of Zreče and its surrounding area. The town boasts its own spa complex, Terme Zreče, with outdoor pools, and a water park featuring slides, chutes and water massage machines. If you fancy venturing a little further afield, electric bikes, or e-bikes, are available for rent in Zreče and on Rogla itself.

    Poletne počitnice, Rogla, Pot med krošnjami

    Tree Top Walk on Rogla

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

    Mariborsko Pohorje


    The Mariborsko Pohorje region is another top destination full of natural wonders. It is reachable by bicycle or on foot. Pohorje is also a fantastic choice for thrill-seekers, with an adrenalin and adventure park that will take your breath away. You can even descend the hill by jumping on a summer sledge. Maribor and Pohorje also offer a variety of airborne thrills: from Maribor Flying Centre, for example, you can take a hot-air balloon, sign up for a panoramic flight in a light aircraft or try your hand at tandem skydiving.


    Don’t forget, too, that a number of celebrated long-distance trails run through Pohorje, such as the Slovenian Mountain Trail (for hikers) and the Pohorje bike trail, both of which are excellent choices for lovers of long-distance walking and cycling.

    Poletne počitnice, Mariborsko Pohorje, Črno jezero, Photo: Jošt Gantar

    Black lake in Pohorje

    Photo: Jošt Gantar

    Vipava Valley and Miren Kras


    See Slovenia in a slightly different light by visiting the country’s westernmost region, nestled among undulating vine-covered slopes in sight of the Adriatic Sea. Explore the green Vipava Valley (Vipavska Dolina) and the limestone wonders of the Karst for a summer holiday on the move and in touch with nature. Meander along the Vipava river by bike or on foot. You can do a spot of fishing there, hire a boat, a kayak or a SUP, or take a bracing dip. Angling fans in particular will delight in the river.


    The tough Karst landscape is home to numerous year-round hiking and biking trails. On the edge of the Karst plateau, the panoramic peak of Cerje rises above the Vipava Valley and the sea. There stands a 25-metre-high peace monument that holds precious treasures of history and art. You can also reach the source of the Hubelj and take a walk along a nature-themed trail that your children will love. The numerous Karst caves offer respite from the summer heat.


    If you decide to spend your summer holidays in this beautiful part of Slovenia, you won’t run out of places to visit by bike or on foot. In between, there are wonderful local inns and restaurants to visit, with an abundance of tasty local food and wine to sample. There is also plenty of overnight accommodation available, including places specially tailored to the needs of hikers and cyclists. There is also the Hiša Mladih hostel, which caters for young travellers. If you prefer sleeping in the open air, the Ajdovščina and Lijak campsites await. The area is a true paradise for paragliders.

    Poletne počitnice v Sloveniji, Vipavska dolina, izvir Hublja, Tomo Jeseničnik

    Vipava Valley

    Poto: Jošt Gantar

    Lower Savinja Valley, the “Valley of Green Gold”


    Spend your summer holidays wandering through the hop gardens that adorn the “Valley of Green Gold”. Well-maintained and well-marked cycle paths allow you to discover the beauties of the Lower Savinja Valley, which extend across the whole valley, from Prebold, Šempeter and Žalec all the way to Celje. There are many natural and cultural attractions to explore along the way. A visit to Jama Pekel (or Hell Cave) will offer some respite from the summer heat, as the temperature is a pleasant 12°C or so throughout the year. It’s a wonderful way to cool down and take a breather. Along the way you’ll find the remains of a Roman necropolis and the Ekomuzej hop-growing museum, or you could cycle up the hill to Žovnek Castle. For history buffs, a trip to Celje, the seat of the Counts of Celje, is a must. The town’s numerous museums are all worth a visit, as is Stari Grad (Old Castle).


    From the valley you can climb the nearby hills to the region’s highest peak, Mrzlica, from where you’ll enjoy a glorious view over the Zasavje and Posavje regions of Slovenia. Children will love the hills of Hom, Reška Planina, Žvajga, Golava and Kamnik. Kamnik Hill is famed for its climbing walls, which are extremely popular with sports climbers.


    For those who love taking to the water, the Savinja offers kayaking, canoeing and, on the deeper sections, rafting. It is also very popular with anglers, so if that’s your thing, grab your tackle and find a quiet spot by the water’s edge. There are several fishing areas nearby, including the Žovneško and Braslovško lakes and the Vrbje pond. Šmartinsko Jezero, a lake, extends right up to Celje, and is ideal for fishing, a bracing swim or a boat trip.


    Author: Uroš Ledinek

    Spodnje Savinska dolina, Žalec, Prebold, Foto Uroš Ledinek

    Lower Savinja Valley

    Poto: Uroš Ledinek