Ski Cross in Slovenia - Kope, Ski cross freestyle skiing for Bold Skiers,Skicross Ski-Freestyle-Disziplin

Ski cross skiing

Freestyle skiing for Bold Skiers

    Ski cross, freestyle skiing for Bold Skiers

    Ski cross is a freestyle skiing discipline in which skiers descend a specially designed course. The ski cross course is narrow, very winding, and features natural and artificial obstacles such as jumps, platforms, ramps, etc.

    Ski cross – a competitive skiing discipline


    Ski cross is a freestyle skiing discipline, in which four skiers race on a specially designed course at the same time. Ski cross courses include natural ski slopes as well as artificially constructed features, such as big jumps, rollers and high-banked turns.


    Ski cross racers use the same equipment as alpine skiers. Competitions are held in several rounds. The first round is a time-trial round, in which all but the fastest 32 skiers are eliminated based on their finish times.

    Ski Cross in Slovenia - Kope

    Ski cross start ramp
    Photo: Kope

    The next round consist of direct racing in a heats format, where groups of four skiers compete on the same course. The fastest two skiers in each group qualify for the next round.   Skiers are disqualified if they make any intentional contact with other competitors.  In each round, two skiers are eliminated until four are left to compete in the final race. The winner of the final race is the skier who crosses the finish line first.


    Ski cross is included in the Winter Olympics, with both men’s and women’s events. It is a part of the annual FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup.


    The best-known Slovenian ski cross racer is Filip Flisar. Flisar won a silver medal in ski cross at the 2012 Aspen Winter X Games, and a gold medal at the 2015 World Championships in Kreischberg.

    Ski Cross in Slovenia - Kope

    Ski cross
    Photo: Kope

    Ski cross in Slovenia


    Tempted to tackle a ski cross course and get a rush of adrenaline? Slovenia is an alpine skiing country, with resorts for skiers who are looking for something special. Several large ski resorts in Slovenia boast snow parks and pistes for advanced skiers. Skiers who enjoy speed and are not intimidated by big jumps and sharp turns


    can also have a go at ski cross. If you are one of them, ski cross might be just the challenge for you.


    The Kope ski resort in Koroška includes a well-groomed ski cross course ideal for all types of skiers. It is perfect for anyone looking for a thrill.

    Ski Cross in Slovenia - Kope

    Ski cross jumps
    Photo: Kope

    Where can I find a ski cross course in Slovenia?


    In addition to well-groomed pistes for children, beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers, the Kope ski resort also features a ski cross course.


    The 600-metre-long and 9-metre-wide course is located at the foot of the Pungart slope. The blue-marked course is designed for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities. It has four starting ramps, so four skiers can race on the course at the same time. The course features moguls, jumps, turns and banked turns. The difficulty can be tailored to skiers’ ability levels. All you need is a ski pass.


    No additional equipment is necessary for ski cross – you can use your regular alpine skiing equipment.


    Have fun on the slopes and send us a photo of your ski cross adventure!

    Ski Cross in Slovenia - Kope

    Ski cross ramp
    Photo: Kope