The 10 Best Family Ski Resorts in Slovenia

Wondering where to spend your family holidays this winter?

    The 10 Best Family Ski Resorts in Slovenia

    Slovenia is one of the top destinations for skiers looking for family-friendly ski resorts. It boasts a number of diverse and varied ski resorts. One day you are skiing on a piste just a few kilometres from a city, while the next day you can hit the snowy slopes of one of the high-mountain ski resorts.

    Every ski resort offers something different and special. Family ski resorts are different from the rest. A good ski resort has a variety of pistes to suit all levels of skiers. Some are perfect for kids and beginner skiers, others for more advanced skiers and snowboarders. Technically challenging pistes are great for excellent skiers and those looking for an adrenaline rush.

    Najboljša družinska smučišča v Sloveniji, Top 10 Family ski Resorts in Slovenia

    Family ski resorts definitely have something to offer – regardless of whether you enjoy skiing, sledding, or cross-country skiing, or even if you prefer to pamper yourself in a wellness centre, go shopping, or savour excellent cuisine.


    What are the main features of family ski resorts?


    Great emphasis is placed on ski infrastructure and additional amenities. Pistes and ski lifts are designed for both children and the elderly. Good family ski resorts offer:

    • pistes for children and beginners,
    • conveyor ski lifts and/or button lifts for children,
    • a ski school for children and adults,
    • children’s snow activities,
    • ski equipment rental for adults and children,
    • groomed sledding runs,
    • cross-country ski trails,
    • children’s playgrounds,

    More sophisticated ski resorts might also offer:

    • guided winter hiking and snowshoe tours;
    • wellness (saunas, massages, swimming pools);
    • first-class cuisine for unforgettable culinary experiences.

    Slovenia is a country of small, family-friendly ski resorts. Ski slopes in Slovenia are suitable for beginners, children and experienced skiers.

    Najboljša družinska smučišča v Sloveniji, Top 10 Family ski Resorts in Slovenia

    Ski school
    Photo: STO

    The 10 Best Family Ski Resorts in Slovenia


    Have you already decided where you’ll spend your winter holidays? Here are some suggestions for active winter holidays.



    Rogla is considered one of the best and most family-friendly ski resorts in Slovenia. It offers more than 11 km of well-maintained pistes for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers, as well as snowboarders. There are also more than 18 km of cross-country ski trails.


    Children will enjoy the “Uniorček 1” and “Uniorček 2” slopes, while beginner skiers can attempt the easy “Mašin Žaga” piste. In addition, the slopes feature a children’s snow park with a covered conveyor ski lift and a playground village that will delight children.


    Ski instructors and other dedicated staff will make sure everyone has a great time. The resort offers ski lessons for children and beginners. Ski service and rental of equipment for adults and children are available. You can also rent cross-country ski equipment. Every year, the Rogla Fun Park is built on the slopes.


    In addition to alpine skiing and snowboarding pistes, Rogla offers cross-country ski trails, sledding runs (including night sledding), night skiing on the “Jasa” and “Košuta” pistes, the adrenaline Fun Park, and guided snowshoe and winter hiking tours.


    Relax and indulge yourself at the wellness centres at the Natura and Planja Hotels.  The Planja Hotel wellness centre also features a pleasantly heated swimming pool. Both centres offer saunas, baths, massages and facial and body treatments. Or, visit the Terme Zreče spa and dip into thermal pools.


    A wide range of excellent restaurants will satisfy any lover of good cuisine. Look for the Tastes of Rogla brand, which highlights the authentic local culinary traditions, passed down from generation to generation, and presents it in a modern and healthy way.

    Najboljša družinska smučišča v Sloveniji, Top 10 Family ski Resorts in Slovenia

    Ski Resort Rogla
    Photo: Jošt Gantar

    Kranjska Gora


    This popular family ski resort lies at an altitude of 800 m to 1215 m, right next to a road linking it with nearby Italy and Austria. There are pistes crisscrossing the slopes of Mt Vitranc from Kranjska Gora to Planica, as well as in Mojstrana and Rateče. The area includes 18 pistes of varying difficulty. The excellent ski terrain and gentle slopes are a paradise for beginner skiers. Children can ski on the “Kekec”, “Mala and Velika Mojca”, “Rožle” and “Bedanec” pistes. The slopes are suitable for all types of skiers and snowboarders. While the pistes in Kranjska Gora and Planica are intended for beginners and intermediate skiers, the ones in Podkoren are more suited to advanced skiers. When there is enough snow, a snow park is built in Kranjska Gora.


    There are 40 km of cross-country ski trails in Kranjska Gora and the surrounding area. They will take you from the centre of Kranjska Gora, past the Sava Dolinka spring into the Tamar valley, or to Gozd Martuljek. You will also find well-maintained cross-country ski trails in Mojstrana and Zgornja Radovna.


    The Kranjska Gora ski resort offers a snow beach, snow kindergarten, ski school, ski equipment rental, a slalom-racing course, cross-country ski trails, the “Borovška Šajba” artificial ice rink, ski touring, sledding, snowshoeing, winter hiking, ice climbing and curling.


    There are many hotels and private accommodation options at the foot of the slopes. Several hotels have wellness centres where you can regain energy after a hard day on the slopes. Visit one of the local restaurants and indulge in fine cuisine.

    Najboljša družinska smučišča v Sloveniji, Top 10 Family ski Resorts in Slovenia - Kranjska Gora

    Ski slopes in Kranjska Gora
    Photo: Iztok Medja

    Mariborsko Pohorje


    The Mariborsko Pohorje ski resort is located at the foothills of Mt Pohorje, a stone’s throw from Maribor. It offers as many as 40 km of groomed pistes and cross-country trails. The “Šolska Proga”, “Mali X 1”, “Mali X 2” and several other, less demanding pistes are especially suited to children. There are about 20 km of easier slopes in total. For more advanced skiers and snowboarders, there are 10 km of moderately difficult pistes and 2 km of very demanding ones.


    Mariborsko Pohorje offers night skiing (with one of the longest illuminated pistes in Europe), a ski school, ski rental for adults and children, a giant swing, winter horse riding tours, snowshoeing, night sledding, and plenty of other fun activities.


    You can find hotel accommodation at the foot of the slopes, with wellness centres to pamper yourself after a long day of skiing, and fine cuisine to enjoy in the evenings.



    The Krvavec ski resort is close to the capital Ljubljana. It is a high-altitude ski resort located between 1480 and 1971 metres above sea level. It is a very popular destination, offering snow pleasures for children and skiers of all levels.


    It is family-friendly, with plenty of  services tailored perfectly for children, with fun and safe activities. The Gospinca ski playground, reserved for children and beginner skiers, features an 80-metre-long conveyor ski lift, the longest in Slovenia, a children’s carousel and other playground equipment. The Kriška Planina beginners area and sledding run is another place for family experiences, with a 35-metre-long conveyor ski lift, ample playground equipment, and a sledding run.


    In addition to superbly groomed pistes for skiers and snowboarders, Krvavec offers ski service and rental, cross-country ski trails, night skiing and sledding, snowbiking, a snow park, the Manner children’s snow park, snow tubing, and a ski school for children and adults. Snowshoe trips and hiking tours are also available for winter hiking enthusiasts.


    Krvavec also caters to the lovers of fine cuisine. Experience a cable car dinner (“Večerja na Zajli”) and a snowmobile breakfast, which are offered in collaboration with renowned Slovenian chefs. A perfect culinary experience is guaranteed.

    Najboljša družinska smučišča v Sloveniji, Top 10 Family ski Resorts in Slovenia - Krvavec

    Ski Resort Krvavec
    Photo: STO

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.



    This ski resort with the best views on the sunny side of the Julian Alps is the proud holder of “The Best Ski Resort in Slovenia” title. Cerkno’s infrastructure makes it one of the most modern ski resorts in Slovenia. It offers 18 km of perfectly groomed pistes of various difficulty,, suitable both for beginners and experts. In addition, there are 5 km of cross-country ski trails. Cerkno is a family ski resort, located at 1291 metres above sea level.


    The resort has a carefully designed snow park, as well as a children’s playground with a conveyor ski lift, a carousel, and a ski kindergarten. There is a ski and snowboarding school for those looking to improve their technique. Ski service and rental are available as well.


    You can treat yourself at the Terme Cerkno spa, located at the foot of slopes, and relax in the indoor thermal pool (30 °C). The wellness centre has massage beds, geysers, a whirlpool and a children’s pool. Relax your body and mind at Hotel Cerkno, where you can choose between a Finnish, Turkish and infrared sauna, as well as a salt room. Cerkno is a great family holiday destination.

    Najboljša družinska smučišča v Sloveniji, Top 10 Family ski Resorts in Slovenia - Cerkno

    Ski resort Cerkno
    Photo: Jošt Gantar



    The Golte ski resort lies at an altitude between 1280 and 1576 m and can be reached by the longest cable car in Slovenia. The ride takes you close to the sky, where you will enjoy views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Savinja Valley while skiing.


    Golte is a family-friendly ski resort that boasts “The Best Ski Resort” title in the category of medium-sized ski resorts in Slovenia.


    It offers a wide range of pistes, equipped with 5 ski lifts (3 chair lifts and 2 button lifts), as well as a conveyor ski lift for young skiers. Children can carve their first turns at the children’s slope right next to the hotel, then head to the Morava piste, which is great for children and beginners. There is also a groomed sledding run.


    In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Golte offers sledding, ice climbing, winter hiking and snowshoeing. Amateur ski competitions are also held every year. On-site service and rental of ski equipment are available.


    Hotel Golte, right next to the slopes, includes a wellness centre where you can relax and pamper yourself after skiing. The hotel also offers sound therapy and meditation sessions.

    Najboljša družinska smučišča v Sloveniji, Top 10 Family ski Resorts in Slovenia - Ski Resort Golte

    Ski slopes in Golte
    Photo: STO



    The Vogel alpine ski resort is located in an idyllic mountain setting above Bohinj in Triglav National Park, at an altitude of 1682 m. The resort covers an area of 78 ha and boasts 22 km of superbly groomed pistes. Of these, 9.5 km are easy pistes for children and beginner skiers, while 12.5 km are demanding pistes for intermediate and advanced skiers.


    Vogel is a family ski resort, so particular attention is paid to the youngest skiers. The snow park features two conveyor ski lifts (60 m and 20 m), a sledding run, and a carousel that is especially suitable for young first-time skiers.


    Vogel boasts the best snow park in Slovenia, offering unforgettable fun on several kickers and other hits, such as rails and boxes, which will delight snowy thrill-seekers. The snow park is perfect both for beginners (baby line) and seasoned ski acrobats. The resort has a ski school for children and adults.


    In addition to its pistes, Vogel offers a snow park, a children’s park, cross-country ski trails, a ski school for children and beginners, ski service and rental, winter paragliding, sledding, snow tubing, snow rafting, airboarding, and ski touring.


    You won’t go hungry on Vogel – at the Viharnik restaurant you can replenish yourself with delicious homemade fare and top-quality local delicacies.

    Najboljša družinska smučišča v Sloveniji, Top 10 Family ski Resorts in Slovenia - Vogel

    Ski Resort Vogel
    Photo: STO



    The Kope ski resort lies at an altitude between 1010 and 1542 m and covers an area of ​​65 ha. The resort has 8 kilometres of pistes,  2.8 km of which are great for children and beginners, 3.6 km for intermediate skiers, and 1.6 km for advanced skiers. The slopes are connected by two four-seat chairlifts and five surface ski lifts. The pistes are varied, but are ideal for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities.


    Youngest skiers are well taken care of at Kope, with a ski area featuring a modern conveyor ski lift. The area is equipped with didactic tools to help children master ski techniques.


    Lovers of cross-country skiing will enjoy the 15-km-long scenic trail running across snowy slopes from the centre of the resort to Ribniško Pohorje.


    Kope offers a ski school for children and adults, a children’s area with a conveyor ski lift, guided winter hiking and snowshoe tours, a cross-country ski trail, night skiing, sledding, ski service and rental.


    Skiers at Kope will also delight in the new ski cross piste, a special obstacle course located at the foot of the Pungart slope, where you can challenge yourself at various levels of difficulty. Fun and thrills are guaranteed!


    At Lukov Dom, you’ll find a wellness centre with four saunas (Turkish, Finnish, infrared, and bio sauna) and a spacious rest area. For complete relaxation, treat yourself to a Kneipp bath or an AlphaSphere experience.


    Gourmets are also well-catered for at Kope with freshly prepared food, a wide selection of culinary treats and premium quality.

    Celjska koča


    The Celjska Koča ski resort lies at an altitude of 834 m and covers more than 4 ha. Although it is among the country’s smaller ski resorts, it has much to offer and  boasts the title of Slovenia’s “Best Small-sized Ski Resort”. The resort has two modern ski lifts with a total capacity of 900 skiers per hour. At the foot of the slope there is a children’s ski area with a 60 m conveyor ski lift, a piste for beginners and a sledding run. Every winter, the resort offers ski lessons for children and beginners who carve their first turns under the guidance of ski instructors.


    Celjska Koča offers two pistes, children’s sledding runs, cross-country ski trails, and ski lessons.

    The Celjska Koča Hotel includes a wellness centre, where you will replenish your strength and relax after a day on the slopes. The wellness centre has Finnish and Turkish sauna, two massage pools and massage rooms.


    The hotel restaurant offers exquisite taste experiences. In addition to superbly prepared local dishes, you will be treated to a great view of the Celje Basin.

    Najboljša družinska smučišča v Sloveniji, Top 10 Family ski Resorts in Slovenia - Ski Resort Kope

    Children’s ski polygon at Kope
    Photo: STO

    Trije kralji


    Trije Kralji is a small family ski resort in Bistriško Pohorje. It lies at an altitude between 1200 and 1347 m and covers an area of 28 ha.  The resort has four pistes with a total length of 3 km and snow-making equipment for dry winters. Two of the pistes are 450 m long and are ideal for children and beginners, while the other two are of medium difficulty and intended for intermediate skiers.


    4 km of well-groomed trails await cross-country skiers. Every winter, the resort hosts giant slalom and slalom competitions. There is a ski school for children and beginners,  and a ski service and rental for skiers of all ages providing complete equipment – helmets, boots, poles and skis.


    You can stay at the Jakec family hotel, which serves delicious homemade food.

    The hotel includes a wellness centre, where you can relax your mind and body with herbal, Turkish, Finnish and infrared saunas, Kneipp foot baths, a Jacuzzi and spa.