Ski touring in Slovenia

What are the most popular ski touring destinations in Slovenia?

    The most popular ski touring destinations in Slovenia

    In the winter, Slovenian mountains have enough snow to challenge any ski touring enthusiast. The Julian Alps, the Karawanks, and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps are usually covered in snow from December to May. We may have many ski resorts, but backcountry ski touring is a special experience.

    As a small country, Slovenia offers the exciting possibility to explore several ski areas over a short period of time.  Ski tours in Slovenia might be short, but they have everything that the classic tours in the Alps and the Dolomites offer.


    Ready for the rush of hurtling down the snowy slopes? The Triglav ski traverse is Slovenia’s ultimate ski touring experience. Set off on a three- to four-day ski touring traverse from Vogel to Komna. The trail will lead you through the valley of the Seven Lakes, across the Hribarice pass to Velo Polje, past Kredarica and the former Triglav Glacier, before descending into the Krma Valley. A priceless experience that cannot be described in words. You simply have to feel for it yourself.

    Ski touring in Kamnik-Savinja Alps

    Perhaps the one-day ski tour from the Pokljuka plateau to Mrežce, Debela Peč, Viševnik, and Mali and Veliki Draški Vrh is better for you. This is one of the most popular ski tours in the Julian Alps. The fascinating limestone landscape is a true ski touring paradise. This is a dynamic tour with amazing views of the nearby peaks.


    Komna above Lake Bohinj is a popular winter destination for snow hiking and ski touring. It is an excellent starting point for several hiking and ski touring trails. The ski slopes are suitable for everyone, and will also satisfy the more demanding ski tourers.

    Ski touring in Pokljuka and Viševnik

    Pohorje, a high plateau covered with dense spruce forests in northeast Slovenia, is fascinating all around the year. In winter, it becomes the perfect destination for ski touring lovers. Skiing through a forest full of powder is an unforgettable experience.


    How about a ski tour at Kotovo Sedlo below Jalovec in the Julian Alps, or a descent from the summits of Velika and Mala Mojstrovka? Priceless experiences. Mala and Velika Mojstrovka are among the most popular hiking and ski touring destinations in Slovenia’s high-mountain areas. The tour itself is not demanding, but there is the risk of avalanches on the extensive scree slopes. It is therefore necessary to proceed with caution.

    When setting off on a ski tour, make sure your gear is in good condition, wear warm clothes, and check the weather conditions. Always ensure your safety.

    Ski touring in Pohorje, Rogla

    Equally attractive are Slovenia’s highland areas, with ski touring options at altitudes around 1000 m. Some of the popular ski touring destinations in the highland areas are Blegoš, Ratitovec, Smrekovec, Velika Planina and Raduha.




    Ski touring in the mountains should be undertaken with experienced mountain guides who will ensure your safety and an extraordinary ski touring experience.