Where to go sledging?

    Sledging on the white slopes. Where to go?

    Sledging on the white slopes. Where to go? Check which ski slopes and centres in Slovenia are the most popular for sledging.

    How about sledging down a long hill stretching for kilometres or a closed road? Sounds very interesting and exciting. You’ll have to hike up to some hills yourselves, but most sledging areas offer organised transport to the top of the sledging hill in off-road vehicles, a motor sledge, or a cableway installation.  In addition to daytime sledging, night-time sledging is also very popular, when the snow-covered landscape gets a magical backdrop of a starry sky.

    Sledging in Kranjska Gora


    Enjoy the snow and have fun sledging!

    Sledging on Mt Mangart

    Slovenia’s highest mountain road leads you towards the summit of the 2,679-metre Mt Mangart, and you can go sledging there and enjoy the wonderful view of the idyllic winter landscape of the western Julian Alps and the Kanin range. Off-road vehicles will take you to the top of the sledging area at 1,450 metres. Don’t forget to wear warm clothing and footwear!


    Sledging in Kranjska Gora

    Imaging sledging down a 2,500-metre-long illuminated sledging hill, which offers a view of one of the most beautiful vistas in the Julian Alps. That’s what you get if you go sledging in Gozd Martuljek. Are you tempted? The hill is not difficult and is suitable for anyone who wishes to give it a go.


    Just a stone’s throw away from Kranjska Gora, you can even go sledging from the Vršič Pass. Your descent will begin at the 17th bend and end at the 3rd bend. Fire torches along the side of the sledging hill give it a special flair. The 14-kilometre-long forest road from the Triple Border (Tromeja) towards Kranjska Gora is also a popular sledging hill.


    You’ll be taken to sledging hills from Kranjska Gora by off-road vehicles or motor sledges, and then your descent can begin.


    Sledging on the Velika Planina plateau

    You won’t just find famous herdsmen’s cottages on Slovenia’s highest-lying mountain pasture, but it’s also worth visiting due to the 2,400-metre-long night-time sledging hill. You can sledge down along the Šimnovec double chairlift, which also takes you to the top of the sledging hill. The mountain pasture can be reached by way of a gondola. This gondola will also take you back to the valley at nine in the evening.

    Fun on a sledge


    Sledging in Bohinj

    One of the funnest winter experiences in Bohinj is certainly night-time sledging down Slovenia’s longest sledging hill, which is no less than 6,000 metres long. This hill of medium difficulty begins at an elevation of 1,150 metres, in Vogar, and ends 500 metres below. The gathering point is in Stara Fužina and departure times are in the evening.


    Night sledging in Krvavec

    In addition to excellent ski slopes, the Krvavec Ski centre also offers night sledging, which can be enjoyed on a partly illuminated hill that is open on Friday and Saturday evenings during the winter school break. Sledging passes can be purchased at the lower gondola station. You’ll be taken to the top of the sledging hill by the Tiha Dolina four-person chair lift. And off you go!


    Sledging from the Ljubelj Pass

    You can enjoy sledging from the Ljubelj Pass by day or at night, from December to the end of March. The entire adventure on the 2,500-kilometre hill lasts two hours. Transport is available from Bled, and a snack awaits you at the top of the Stari Ljubelj Pass. Good luck!


    Sledging in Jezersko

    In Jezersko, on the border with the neighbouring Austria, a unique sledging descent from Mali Vrh Hill awaits you. Off-road vehicles will take you to the top of the sledging hill, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Jezersko and the surrounding peaks in the daytime.


    Sledging at the Stari Vrh ski centre

    You can go sledging at the Stari Vrh ski centre, where a chairlift will take you to the top of the 2,300-metre-long sledging hill illuminated with reflectors and fire torches.

    It’s always fun on Slovenian ski slopes


    Sledging in the summer? Why not?

    If you’d prefer to stick to what you know when you go sledging, visit the Zlodejevo sledging hill in Rogla, which is located in the heart of the fairy-tale forests of the Pohorje Hills. You won’t go wrong if you visit the Straža na Bledu sledging hill either, where you can enjoy a view of the lake while you’re sledging, or the PohorJET toboggan hill in the Pohorje Hills, which offers a beautiful view of Maribor and ends in the Snow Stadium. You’ll feel a rush of adrenaline and wind in your hair on the summer-time ‘Furious Pehta’ toboggan hill in Kranjska Gora. Make sure to also have a fun day enjoying the Bobkart summer toboggan hill in Celjska Koča near Celje.

    No matter where you go, don’t forget about your safety!

    When sledging in winter, we recommend that you use a protective helmet, shoes with a rough sole, ski gloves, goggles, and warm clothing. Always adjust your speed to your abilities and to the other people on the sledging hill. Never go down the hill under the influence of alcohol. Good luck!