Mt Triglav, the highest mountain peak in Slovenia

    Slovenia's highest mountain

    In a group of more than 300 mountains, each with an elevation greater than 2000 metres, the 2864-metre-high Mt Triglav is the highest.


    You can’t go any higher! Our tallest mountain rises above the central Julian Alps and has excited the imagination of explorers, mountain enthusiasts, and mountaineers since the 18th century, when the first ascent of this magnificent mountain was recorded. Today, there are multiple trails with varying levels of difficulty that lead up to Mt Triglav.


    The most difficult is the northern face of Mt Triglav, which inspires the imagination of mountaineers. There are various trails with different levels of difficulty on the northern face, but the most notorious and technically difficult is the ‘Sphinx’. The face of the mountain is most easily accessed from the Vrata Valley.


    The other trails up to Mt Triglav, starting at various points (Mojstrana, Pokljuka, Bohinj), are mostly technically easy, but they are all long. As you approach the summit, the trail is secured by way of metal rungs and steel wires, and some mountaineering experience is required. There are four mountain cabins under the summit: Triglavski dom na Krederici (open every day of the year), Dom Valentina Staniča, Dom Planika, and Koča na Doliču.

    Mt Triglav is a 2864-metre-high mountain

    Despite its difficulty, the ascent of Mt Triglav is popular in all seasons of the year. From June to September, there is usually no snow, while complete winter equipment, suitable experience, and/or a guide are required during the remaining months.

    Climb up Mt Triglav? You can't go any higher!