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    Jezersko, Kamnik and Savinja Alps

    Jezersko is an idyllic valley reminiscent of postcard motifs



    Jezersko, Kamnik and Savinja Alps


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    The wonderful Jezersko Valley in the far north of the country borders and continues into the neighbouring Austria. This idyllic valley, which is reminiscent of postcard motifs, is surrounded by the Savinja Alps to the east, while it descends towards the River Kokra to the south.


    Jezersko has a network of walking and mountain hiking trails of all levels of difficulty. There are also many climbing routes. In winter, Jezersko offers kilometres upon kilometres of dedicated cross-country skiing trails.


    On the way to Jezersko is Preddvor, a small town with a big soul of hospitable locals, which offers every visitor a different way to spend the day. It is particularly well known in paragliding circles, as the thermals here are the best anywhere. Soar above the clouds and take in the spectacular views.

    Experience Jezersko and the Kamnik and Savinja Alps.

    Jezersko is a popular starting point for visits to the mountains, for both hikers and cyclists alike. Head to the mountains and conquer the tallest peaks of the Kamnik Alps.

    Active experiences in Jezersko

    In winter, you can enjoy 15 kilometres of cross-country skiing trails, which are located in a stunning winter environment. Nearby, you can go ice-skating on Lake Planšarsko Jezero or sledging. The surrounding peaks are suitable for ski touring and winter hikes. Frozen waterfalls and gullies invite climbers. There is a glacier under Mt Skuta, which is the southeastern-most-lying glacier in the Alps.


    The following long-distance hiking trails cross Jezersko: Slovenian Mountain Trail, Via Alpina – purple, and the Southern Panoramic Trail. Mountaineers and climbers can enjoy many climbing routes with various levels of difficulty. The northern faces of Mt Grintovec, Mt Kočna, Mt Dolgi Hrbet, and Mt Skuta are a true paradise for climbers. The difficult Češka Koča via ferrata is also very interesting. If you’re looking for even more excitement, make sure to visit the Jezersko Adrenaline Park.


    Lovers of fishing can catch grayling, brown trout, rainbow trout, and common chub in the lower stream of the River Kokra. A fishing licence is mandatory. Have a great catch!