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Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia

Piran or Portorož? Both, of course.

Kraško-mediteranska Slovenija

    Portorož and Piran

    The sea and the Mediterranean climate will re-energise you, and you’ll be able to easily use this extra energy for activities in the water or next to it.



    Portorož and Piran


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    Portorož and Piran are neighbouring coastal towns, which offer much more than just a beach getaway. The former is known as the centre for social events on the coast, as it has popular beaches and many hotels and wellness services to choose from. These hotels and wellness services rely on salt, which is produced in the nearby salt pans. Salt also plays an important role in neighbouring Piran, as salt production enabled the rise of this picturesque town in the Middle Ages.


    If you take a stroll through Piran’s medieval streets and then continue your walk along a walking path that leads you right along the shore, you’ll soon reach Portorož. There’s a lot happening and there’s a wide array of activities available in all seasons. You’ll certainly be able to find something that’s just right for you.

    Piran, a picturesque and lovely seaside town

    Piran is one of the most beautiful towns on the Adriatic coast. It’s located at the very end of a narrow peninsula. Its old town centre is considered to be one of the best-preserved historical towns.

    Active experiences in Piran and Portorož

    May the sea become your greatest playground and water sports your greatest inspiration. Go scuba diving or swimming. Go stand-up paddleboarding or canoeing towards the Strunjan Landscape Park. Enjoy fishing from a boat or cast your hook straight from the shore.


    Awaken your body or improve your physical fitness by running or walking along the sea shore or in the inland areas of the coast. You can also go cycling right on the sea shore or on any of the marked cycling trails that take you among olive groves. We recommend the Parenzana cycling trail.