Royal Bled Golf Club. Heaven on Earth

    Royal Bled Golf Club. Heaven on Earth.

    The hidden gem of European golf in the heart of the Slovenian Alps

    The Royal Bled Golf Club is the hidden gem of European golf. This is where tradition and prestige, the best there is to offer, and a warm personal approach meet. It’s surrounded by the magnificent Karavanke Alps to the north and the picturesque ridges of the Julian Alps and Mt Triglav to the west. The golf course can be accessed via the Lesce–Bled road.

    This golf course has had a long and interesting history that dates back to 1937. It’s one of the oldest golf courses in Europe. It’s located 2 km east of Lake Bled, on a terrace 60 metres above the canyon of the River Sava, at elevations from 504 m to 520 m.

    The golf course was built at the initiative of the Yugoslav Royal Family of Karađorđević, hence the addition of the word ‘Royal’. Former Yugoslav King Aleksander Karađorđević fell in love with Bled and had his summer residence built here at the end of World War I. Lake Bled thus became recognised among nobility and wealthy Europeans, who began visiting Lake Bled. The first official game of golf was played on the Bled golf course in 1937.


    Due to the beginning of World War II, the golf course was abandoned. In 1972, it was re-done by the legendary Donald Harradine and one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe was created.

    The golf course was built in 1937 at the initiative of the Yugoslav Royal Family of Karađorđević.

    Today, the golf course consists of the King’s Course with eighteen holes and the Lake Course with nine holes. Golfers, who visit the course from all over the world, like the strategic setting of the course and the perfect tranquillity of the Slovenian Alps, which are on display in their full beauty. Visitors who aren’t very skilled can take lessons from experienced instructors. Membership is only available by invitation.

    The famous Golf World Magazine ranked Royal Bled Golf among the top 100 golf courses in Europe.