Slovenian rivers are a paradise for fishermen


    Fly fishing

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    Where in Slovenia are the most beautiful fishing areas?

    The art of fly fishing

    Are you just a beginner or an experienced master? Perhaps you’re only just considering fly fishing? But be careful – fly fishing is a true art form which can quickly completely obsess you. It’s a dynamic type of fishing, in which we actively participate the entire time by guiding an artificial lure or fly and give it signs of life, as if it were real. Fishermen say that tying artificial flies onto a line is an art form in itself. This is where all fishing talents become evident – ability, knowledge, creativity, and patience. This is exactly why fishermen find fly fishing to be a very special type of fishing. A true art form!


    The science of fly fishing: Casting the fly, the basis for successful fly fishing
    In addition to the fly, it is necessary to cast the line well if you are to have a successful catch. There are countless casting techniques, and some experienced fishermen even continually invent new casting methods. It looks simple, but it’s a quite funny affair, especially if we’re beginners.

    Fly fishing is a true challenge for fishermen

    What kind of fish can you catch when fly fishing?

    In Slovenia, fishing for river trout is the most popular. The queen among them is the Soča (marble) trout (Salmo marmoratus). This indigenous species lives exclusively in the Adriatic catchment area, and the largest number of this fish lives in the River Soča and its tributaries. Fly fishing masters say that it’s not easy to catch.


    Fishing for carp is quite successful in Slovenia’s lakes using fake bread. Some sea water fish also go for bread, so with a bit of luck you can trick a painted comber or a European bass.


    In Slovenia, anyone with a valid (one-day) fishing licence can go fishing in fishing zones. Every fishing site has its own rules, and in some places even equipment is prescribed. Follow these rules. You’ll also need a licence for recreational fishing from a boat at sea.


    Sounds like fun, let the adventure begin!

    The queen of rivers is the Soča trout