Fishing is an activity for the persistent


    Float fishing

    Take your fishing rod and head to the rich world of Slovenia’s fishing waters.

    “When most people think of fishing, they imagine a fisherman in sports or casual clothing with a long fishing rod, nylon fishing line, a hook, and a float. There’s something to it, as float fishing is a technique that is the most widespread in the world and is even familiar to people who have never done this sport. It’s a technique recommended to all beginners. And it won’t be long before you become an enthusiastic fisherman who has fallen in love with classic fishing.


    Float fishing – what’s it all about?


    A beautiful colourful float is the link between the fish and the fisherman, it’s the joy that gives us the signal that a fish has grabbed onto what we have offered it – a fishing hook and bait.”

    Always on the right track

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    Fishing on the River Idrijca

    Where to go fishing and what to fish for in Slovenia’s waters?

    In Slovenia, you can enjoy classic fishing virtually anywhere. In ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams – the common rudd, the silver bream, the Prussian carp, the carp, catfish, the European chub, the common minnow, the pike, etc. And in the sea, a sea creature just might get caught on your hook.

    A fisherman on the River Mura

    Endless fishing oases

    Slovenia has a network of watercourses and water bodies, so you can find your own fishing corner at every step. Classic fishermen particularly enjoy fishing in Slovenia’s many lakes, while fly fishing is also popular in rivers in addition to classic fishing.


    If you’re travelling through Prekmurje or Prlekija in northeastern Slovenia, make sure to dip your hook in the meander cut-offs of the River Mura, and Lake Sobota is popular, too.


    In Štajerska, time can stand still if you visit the River Drava, the streams of the Pohorje Hills, or Lake Ptuj. In the Šalek Valley, you can enjoy fishing in Lake Škale and Lake Velenje. The rivers Krka and Kolpa invite you to visit Dolenjska, and the intermittent Lake Cerknica awaits you in the Notranjska region. In the vicinity of Ljubljana, fishing on the picturesque River Ljubljanica will take your breath away, and you can also go fishing in Lake Šmartno and Lake Gradišče. Lake Bloke is also quite interesting.  You’ll also get a good catch if you go fishing in Slovenia’s longest river, the River Sava. In western Slovenia, fishermen are the most excited about the River Soča as well as many other smaller rivers and streams. In Gorenjska, find the unique Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled.


    Fingers crossed for a good catch!