Panorama Izolskega zaliva

Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia

Once an island and now a vibrant coastal town

Kraško-mediteranska Slovenija


    Fishing tradition and a wealth of Mediterranean tastes





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    Izola is a small coastal town located approximately in the middle of the Slovenian coast. It was once an island and the area was settled as early as the Bronze and Iron Age due to favourable living conditions. It’s known for diverse beaches – there are no fewer than eight different beaches within five kilometres – orange wine, water activities, and numerous events related to tradition and the fruits of the inland areas of the coast.


    The Strunjan Cliff is located near Izola. It rises 80 metres above the sea and is home to many plant and animal species. This is a special place for bird lovers, as no fewer than 245 species of various birds live in the area.

    Experience the Slovenian coast, discover the treasures of the sea

    Izola offers many unforgettable experiences throughout the year. Istrian villages and seaside hills with magnificent views and many hiking and cycling trails beckon you.

    Active experiences in Izola

    Let’s begin in the sea, where you can go swimming or enjoy fishing.


    You can visit all of Izola’s eight beaches on a stand-up paddleboard or a sea canoe or even take a ride to the nearby Koper or Strunjan Landscape Park.


    If you have a boat operator licence, you can hire a vessel at the Izola Marina. Cape Ronek is a popular location for surfers and kiteboarders.


    If you prefer running, hiking, or cycling, you can enjoy this right on the water or further away inland. Follow the signposts.