Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia

A town of a hundred suns

Kraško-mediteranska Slovenija


    Suns adorn the medieval town palaces built by the Venetians





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    Koper is a charming and exciting town of a hundred suns. It’s located close to the border with neighbouring Italy. It’s the sixth largest town in Slovenia and the largest on the coast. People consider it Slovenia’s maritime window into the world.


    In Koper, the sun invites you to be active all year round. A network of trails and the coast invite you to explore them. On the well-maintained beaches of Koper, Žusterna and all the way to nearby Izola, you will find an abundance of opportunities for summer refreshment. If you’d like to leave the town, you can head to the Koper countryside. Pleasant Istrian villages are perfect for exploration by bicycle or on foot, and you can enjoy tasting Istrian culinary specialities on the way.

    Welcome to Koper.

    Koper, a port town with an old medieval feel. It is the largest town on the Slovenian coast, where the atmosphere of a modern town meets Mediterranean nostalgia.

    Active experiences in Koper

    Koper is a coastal town providing many opportunities to enjoy water sports. You can go swimming at the town pool in Žusterna. There’s also a water park there. Hire a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard, catch the wind in the sail of a windsurfing board, go fishing, scuba diving, and search for the shipwreck of the legendary sunken transoceanic ship Rex, located close to shore.


    If you’ve had enough of the water, hire a bicycle and take a ride along the shore. Take the Parenzana cycling trail that will take you along the route of the former railway running from Trieste, Italy, across the Slovenian coast, to Poreč in Croatia. Hikers and runners will also be able to find trails that are just right for them, and on them they’ll be able to enjoy the aroma of the sea and salt.