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Alpine Slovenia

Unique Koroška

Alpska Slovenija


    A unique geographic mixture gives Koroška the seal of unique primeval character




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    Koroška covers an area of three valleys – Mežica, Drava and Mislinja, and three mountain ranges – the Pohorje Hills, Karavanke Alps, and the Savinja Alps. Its urban centre is Slovenj Gradec.


    Unspoilt nature and forests with a network of mountain roads and trails provide various outdoor activity options. In winter, you can go skiing in Kope. If you’d like to experience Koroška and its primeval character, visit the picturesque Alpine Topla Valley under Mt Peca in the Karavanke Alps, not far from Črna na Koroškem. Due to its incredible cultural landscape, preserved ethnological heritage, and protected plant and animal species, the Topla Valley is protected as a natural landmark and a landscape park.

    Mysterious experiences in Koroška

    Explore the picturesque landscape of the mighty forests and nature’s marvels in the area of the UNESCO Karavanke Geopark, green Pohorje and the Drava River valley.

    Active experiences in Koroška

    There are almost 600 km of well-maintained and marked hiking trails in Koroška. With a wide network of less busy forest roads and cycling trails, there are also many cycling options, particularly for mountain biking. Bike park Köröš is one of the most known bike parks. Particularly interesting is the section of the Drava Cycling Route that runs through Slovenj Gradec to Mislinja.


    The central ski centre in Koroška is Kope. This ski centre consists of more than eight kilometres of well-maintained ski slopes connected by six ski lifts and two double chairlifts. In addition to the Kope Ski Centre, which is the largest one, there are multiple smaller ski centres in Koroška, too. The Ribniško Pohorje Ski Centre is worth visiting.


    Koroška is incredible even underground. In the former mines under Mt Peca, you can go cycling through abandoned tunnels. You can also go rowing in the lakes of the abandoned mines 800 beneath the surface. Adventure guaranteed!


    Huda Luknja Cave is one of the oldest tourist karst caves in Slovenia. It was first open for the public in 1895. Today, you can experience its underground world by trekking through the cave system accompanied by cave guides.


    Climbing is popular in the ‘Topla pod Peco’ Landscape Park. There, you’ll find rock formations, the height and quality of which rank them among the best climbing sites in Slovenia. You can also go sky diving near Slovenj Gradec, where there is an airport.


    Participate in building ice castles or take part in an enduro mountain biking World Cup race on Mt Peca.