Top via ferratas

    Top via ferratas in Slovenia

    Which rock face will you climb? We would like to introduce you to our favourite via ferratas.

    Grančišče (884 m) above Mojstrana

    Difference in altitude: 180 m / Time: 1 h / Level of difficulty: ‘Aljaževa Pot’ trail (Aljaž’s Trail) – B, ‘Pot Mojstranških Veveric’ trail (Trail of Mojstrana Squirrels) – C, C/D

    Two via ferratas, an easier and a more difficult one, run across the precipitous Grančišče Hill, which rises above the idyllic village of Mojstrana in the Julian Alps. They cross paths many times, so climbers can transition from one to another.

    Trail to Mt Triglav

    Hvadnik via ferrata, Gozd Martuljek

    Difference in altitude: 250 m / Length: 500 m /

    The Hvadnik via ferrata is a climbing trail through a wild gorge in Gozd Martuljek near Kranjska Gora. Due to its location in a gorge, it provides a special climbing experience and an opportunity to safely see special geological features created here by the Hvadnik Stream.


    ‘Hanzova Pot’ via ferrata to Mt Mala Mojstrovka

    Difference in altitude: 721 m / Time: 3.5 h / Level of difficulty: very difficult marked trail

    Mt Mojstrovka is reached from Vršič Pass. When you arrive at the Hanzova Pot via ferrata, this trail takes you on a steep hike towards Mt Mala Mojstrovka. At first, you’ll be assisted by metal climbing pitons, and higher up steel wires will be your constant companions. On your way up to the panoramic summit of Mt Mala Mojstrovka, you can enjoy spectacular views of Mt Mangart and Mt Jalovec.

    Hvadnik via ferrata in Gozd Martuljek

    Before you choose a rock face that you like, obtain all the necessary information and ensure your safety.

    Prestreljenik via ferrata on Mt Kanin

    Difference in altitude: 250 m / Length: 750 m / Level of difficulty: A

    On Mt Kanin, you can find the first family via ferrata in Slovenia, which takes you across the steep rock formation of Mt Prestreljenik. The trail is well-secured. However, if you take the via ferrata alone, you should have previous climbing knowledge and protective gear.


    Češka Koča, Jezersko

    Difference in altitude: 300 m / Time: 1.3 h / Level of difficulty: C/D, detail E

    In the heart of the Kamnik and Savinja Alps above the Jezersko Valley, climb on the Češka Koča via ferrata to reach a popular mountain cabin of the same name. The trail runs among already existing trails and the steel wires of the ropeway conveyor to the Češka Koča mountain cabin. Before you start climbing on the via ferrata trail, you can opt for the easier trail that bypasses the initial, difficult section.


    Lisca Hill

    Difference in altitude: 125 m / Time: 25 min / Level of difficulty: B/C, last stretch D/E

    This classic via ferrata runs on the southern slope of the 948-metre-high Lisca Hill in the Posavje Hills.

    Climbing trail to Lisca Hill