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Javni zavod za turizem Dolina Soče

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Julian Alps – Soča Valley – Bovec, Tolmin, Kobarid


In the western part of Slovenia at the foothills of the Julian Alps, right on the border with Italy you can find the fascinatingly beautiful valley of the river Soča, one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, and the valley it carved- The Soča Valley

Those that experience it while mountaineering never forget its emerald hue. The Tolmin Gorges are among the most beautiful natural entrances to Triglav National Park. A century after World War I, the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic winds among the remains of the Soča Front.

The wonderful natural environment is perfectly suited to all visitors. There are many tended pathways along lakes and rivers, as well as tended access to waterfalls and gorges. Visitors can ramble through forests and gorges, or climb higher to mountain villages situated above the valleys; more demanding trekkers may set out on serious tours between mt. Krnand Črna prst.

All over the mountains are many huts providing refreshment and refuge in case of unfavourable weather.

The Slovenian Hiking Trail and Via Alpina are routed across the highest peaks and ridges of the Julian Alps at the northeast edge of the valley. The Walk of Peace follows battle lines of World War I through the entire valley, whilst the Old Border Trail follows fortifications from the times between the two World Wars.
The European Footpath E7 crosses the valley crosswise from the river Nadiža to Baška grapa Valley.

The youngest of the longdistance trails is the Alpe Adria Trail, which connects Mt. Grossglockner with the Adriatic Sea through the valley and across the Brda region.

In September and October every year Hiking Festival in Soča Valley is organised. The Festival includes guided hiking tours, exhibitions and lectures.

KOBARID: The city marked by the WW1, boasts one of the best museums about Isonzo frontlines, besides beiing a good base for hikes, MTB tours, paragliding and water activities.

TOLMIN: The city on the confluence of two rivers, Soča and Tolminka, has in recent years become symbol of summer festivals like Soča Outdoor Festival, MetalDays, River Splash etc. that create a positive, vibrant feel through out the season. You must visit Tolmin Gorge in the area.

BOVEC: a little town always inclined to sports, which enthrals with its open-air activities. It is wonderful to feel the heart of the Soča Valley while mountaineering. The wooden bridges hanging over the river are reminiscent of a ladder to a green paradise, whereas the high mountain trails always have the fragrance of wild flowers.