Wake park Dooplek

    Wakeboard, a popular adrenaline water sport

    A ‘full-size wakepark’ popular with surfers and water skiers

    Are you up for summer skiing in Štajerska?


    You’ll have a great opportunity and experience at the Wake Park in Spodnji Duplek, a picturesque town not far from Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city. The lake is located in the idyllic nature of the Drava Landscape Park. Due to the relaxed atmosphere and friendly and playful team, you’ll feel like you’re on a beach in no time.


    There’s a funbox, two kickers of different sizes, a table box, a pole jam, and an ollie barrier as well as some ‘jibbing’ obstacles on the water, used by world-class ‘pro wakeboarder’.

    Enjoy the waves on the lake on your wakeboard


    Surfing or kiteboarding, that’s the question

    Wakeboarding is very popular
    … wakeboarding is a sport that anyone can try. It’s the wild cousin of surfing, skating, snowboarding, or water skiing. It’s the fastest growing water sport in the world and an excellent source of adrenaline, laughter, and fun.


    Kiteboarding is our passion. Have you tried it yet?
    Kiteboarding is a sport in which a wind-propelled kite helps us move on various surfaces. The most popular type is kiteboarding on water, where a kiteboard is used in addition to a kite.

    Kiteboarding, kitesurfing, kiting – many names, but one pleasure!

    Feel the wind in your hair and enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled adventure on a lake. All you need is a swimsuit!