Top vrhovi v visokogorju

    The highest mountain peaks in Slovenian Alps

    The mountains offer so many interesting peaks that we cannot even decide which ones are the most beautiful. The tallest peak is Mt Triglav with an elevation of 2864 metres. But it's far from the only peak. Here are a few that are just as impressive.

    Mt Mangart, 2679 m

    Take a road up to an elevation of over 2000 m! Mt Mangart is our fourth tallest mountain, and is very popular with hikers, mountaineers, and mountain bikers in the summer due to its easy access.


    The road to Mangart, the highest-lying road in Slovenia, will take you up to an elevation of over 2000 metres. From there, two mountain trails can take you to the top of Mt Mangart: the Slovenian and the Italian.


    The difficult Slovenian trail to Mt Mangart is a via ferrata intended for experienced mountaineers and rock climbers. There are quite a few exposed sections that require concentration, self-protection equipment, and confidence.


    Less experienced rock climbers and hikers can conquer the summit of Mt Mangart by taking the easier Italian trail. The trail is mostly simple. There are a few sections secured with steel wires, but they are not too exposed. It’s a relatively short hike to this mighty mountain and its stunning view. Mt Mangart is fantastic.

    On top of Mt Mangart

    Mt Jalovec, 2645 m

    Mt Jalovec, the symbol of Slovenian mountaineering, is the sixth tallest mountain in Slovenia. It dominates four beautiful valleys: Planica, Trenta, Bavščica, and Koritnica. From the top, which quickly drops steeply towards Alpine valleys, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the tallest peaks in the Julian Alps.


    There is no easy trail up Mt Jalovec. All trails up this mountain are difficult, long, and strenuous, so only experienced, well-equipped, and physically fit hikers should hike up to this summit. Just for comparison, it should be noted that an ascent of the tallest peak in Slovenia, Mt Triglav, is easier than conquering Mt Jalovec. Marked trails with multiple variants lead up from all valleys. The descent is easier on the south side of the mountain.

    Mt Jalovec

    Mt Grintovec, 2558 m

    The spiky Mt Grintovec is the highest peak in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. It can best be reached from the south side. Technically, the trail is not difficult, but you’ll have to deal with some 1500 m of elevation difference. Towards the summit, it’s more of a ‘marked off-trail hike’. At the Kokrsko Sedlo mountain col, you can visit the Cojzova Koča cabin. Being so high up, the view is stunning.


    It is recommended that experienced mountaineers, who are used to steel wires and precipitous terrain, descend on the very difficult secured trail across the Mlinarsko Sedlo mountain col. The trail will take you through exposed, but well-secured sections and reward you with incredible views.

    Conquer the tallest rock faces in Slovenia's magnificent mountains

    Mt Stol, 2236 m

    The tallest peak in the Karavanke Alps, Mt Stol, is a ‘two-headed’ mountain with a rounded peak offering wonderful views of the Julian Alps and the eastern part of the Karavanke Alps as you make your way up.


    The peak can be easily reached, and the trail is simple in technical terms, but requires good physical fitness, as it’s quite steep. The quickest way up is from the Valvasorjev Dom mountain cabin above Žirovnica. Just beneath the summit, you’ll reach the Prešernova Koča mountain cabin, which is only open in the summer.

    In Slovenia's mountains, you can admire more than 500 varieties of mountain flowers.