Kayaking adventure through the underground of the Peca Mountain

    Kayaking adventure in the underground of the Mt Peca

    Explore the mysterious labyrinths of an abandoned mine 700 metres deep, in the underground world of Mt Peca. By kayak, of course!

    Yes, you read that right! Guides, who are former miners, will take you almost 700 metres deep, in the underground world of Mt Peca, to go through the flooded tunnels of a former mine. As you are deep underground, you’ll be able to explore stunning subterranean lakes with crystal-clear drinkable water completely on your own.


    How did it all begin? Between Mt Peca and Mt Uršlja Gora in Koroška, people have known about the ore deposits for a long time. In more than three centuries of mining, miners dug out over 800 kilometres of underground tunnels. When the mine closed at the end of the last century, they stopped pumping water. So, the water flooded the lower parts of the mine and created magical subterranean lakes. Today, the water flows freely from the mine, and the lakes have become a true tourist sensation.


    The mine is now open for tourists. If you’re curious, you can see it on a small train, and if you’re brave enough, you can take a cycling or kayaking tour.

    Rowing into dark depths

    Sounds very interesting and exciting, doesn’t it?

    The kayaking adventure lasts four hours and is one of the most unique tourist experiences in Slovenia. Visitors descend nearly 700 metres underground by means of a mining and cave train and then continue their journey on foot until they reach the water, where protective clothing and equipment are ready for them. They then get into kayaks for three people and safely row across the calm crystal-clear water on their own as they explore the underground tunnels.


    Sounds very interesting and exciting, doesn’t it?


    It’s mandatory to book a time slot, as admission to the cave is not possible without prior arrangement. Contact: info@podzemljepece.com
    A maximum of ten people can be in a group. The age limit is 10, and the minimum height is 150 cm. Visitors must have appropriate clothing and footwear, as the temperature in the mine is about 10 °C.

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