The Valley of Winter Joy

    Jezersko is a beautiful valley offering many activities for visitors. Although summer is the most popular time to visit, autumn and winter also offer plenty to explore. Here are some suggestions for your visit during the autumn and winter months:

    • Sheep Salting: Salting sheep is one of the most famous and popular activities in Jezersko. If you want to experience this unique, 5-star experience, you can go to the farm Šenk’s homestead. There you will be taken on a hike into the mountains, to the pastures where sheep graze in summer. There you will find them and offer them (from hand) the salt they need to stay healthy.
    • Water trails of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps: if you want to explore the natural beauty of Jezersko and the wider Kamnik-Savinja Alps, you can embark on one of the water trails. An award-winning network of hiking trails leading to springs, waterfalls, lakes and other natural water sights, including a mineral water spring at Jezersko. The water from this spring is rich in calcium and magnesium and has healing properties. The trails are suitable for all age groups and fitness levels.

    The running trails are managed and maintained by the Park Jezersko and the entry fee is € 7. They also offer rental of running equipment and sledges.

    • Cross-country skiing: Jezersko is a paradise for cross-country skiers. There are more than 15 km of groomed trails in the Ravenska Kočna valley, suitable for all ages and types of runners. Ski trips are particularly idyllic among the mighty Alpine peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The 15 km long circular cross-country trail for classic and skate technique is suitable for beginners as well as for more advanced runners. Equipment rental for adults and children is also available. Be sure to check the operation and length of the track before visiting.


    Šenk's homestead is one of the most beautifully furnished tourist farms in Slovenia, and one of only few that are specialised in catering hikers and bikers. It offers you not only rooms, but also a small camping area. You'll be served a delicious home-cooked meals made from ingredients grown in the home garden.

    • Staying at the Šenk’s homestead: If you want to experience a real rural atmosphere and the best outdoor experiences, stay at Šenk’s homestead. There you can enjoy the fresh air, peace and quiet and taste home-cooked meals made with fresh local ingredients. The farm also offers many other activities, such as sheep salting, hiking trips, traditional craft tours, cross-country skiing, touring skiing and sauna.

    Snowshoeing is an increasingly popular winter activity in Jezersko. If you want to experience this unique experience, you can go on one of the many snowshoe tours offered by local providers. One of the most popular tours is the themed trail through the Ravenska Kočna valley, which offers a fairytale walk through thick snow cover. The sport activity is relatively easy, can be done individually and is suitable for all those who love the joys of winter.

    Simple pleasures!