Authentic hiking friendliness and warmth

    Mountain cabins in Slovenian mountains

    Our mountaineering associations maintain no fewer than 163 mountain cabins.

    Mountain cabins are welcome stops on your hike up to your destination, where you can get some rest, perhaps spend the night, be refreshed, and grab a bite of local food. Goulash, jota (sauerkraut/turnip and potato stew), ričet (barley mush hotpot), local sausages, and žganci (mush), delicious štruklji (dumplings with various fillings), and strudels are just the right food for hungry hikers.

    Home-made strudel, mountain cabin dessert


    Accommodation in a mountain cabin offers a unique experience. Cabins offer overnight accommodation in small rooms with a minimum of two beds or in dormitories. We recommend that you bring your own sheets, but this is not mandatory. In the summer months, cabins are well-visited, so we recommend that you book your stay beforehand.

    Mountain cabin Prehodavci

    Before heading to the mountains, check whether the cabin that you wish to visit is open.

    Most mountain cabins are open from mid-June, when the snow melts, to the end of September.


    Most cabins are not open in the winter, with some rare exceptions:

    • In the high mountains, only the Kredarica Mountain Cabin and the Komna Mountain Cabin are open all year round.
    • In the winter, the following cabins are also open on the weekends: Orožnova koča na Planini za Liscem Cabin, Koča na Kriški gori Cabin, Krekova Koča na Ratitovcu Cabin, Frischaufov Dom na Okrešlju Cabin, Kamniška Koča na Kamniškem Sedlu Cabin, Koča na Klemenči Jami pod Ojstrico Cabin, Planinski Dom na Kališču Cabin, Roblekov Dom na Begunjščici Cabin, Dom Koča Draga Karolina na Velikem Snežniku Cabin.

    Mountain cabin on Vršič Pass


    You can also enjoy a comfortable stay in specialised hiking accommodation. In addition to accommodation, these facilities also offer other services adapted to hikers' needs.

    Many cabins in the high mountains have an open ‘winter room’ during the colder months of the year when they are not in operation. There, you can get some rest, change, or even spend the night if necessary. Bivouacs are also available for emergency shelter and overnight accommodation after arduous hiking tours, especially to mountaineers. Bivouacs are intended to provide shelter and are not considered tourist accommodation and should not be used for multi-day stays.


    Lower-lying cabins are open longer, some even all year long. Cabin operators adjust the opening times depending on the weather conditions, the amount of snow, or avalanche risk.

    You can find a list of mountain cabins and information on their operation at: