With hikers in mind

    Specialised accommodation for hikers. With hikers in mind.

    Special provisions are made for mountaineers and hikers in specialised hiking accommodation.

    Are you asking yourself what specialised hiking accommodation is? This is a Slovenian standard that designates hiker-friendly hotels, boarding houses, and holiday apartments. They operate all year round and their offer is adjusted to the needs of hikers. Their common advantages include traditional cuisine adapted to the needs of hikers, plus guided hikes and transfers.


    The level of quality and scope of these services is marked with signs from 1 to 3 hikers, whereby the mark 1 hiker means the basic level, the mark 2 hiker means standard quality and the range of the offer, and the mark 3 hikers is the highest and means an above-standard range of services, to the recipient of this sign it means hiking is the primary activity.


    The standards are based on quality and qualified staff, quality presentation of hiking information on our own website, organized hiking infrastructure and the offer (both in the accommodation and in the surrounding area) of other, high-quality, relaxation options.

    Matkov Kot Valley

    What do they offer?


    Quality tourist information tailored to hikers is available in verbal, printed and digital form. Always available detailed information about the weather, routes, difficulty, markings. In the building, this information is exposed in a visible place in the hiking corner. A digital topographic map, printed maps or maps of the surroundings with marked routes. Hiking programs, experience packages and the offer of an easier tour with a tourist or park guide are available to hikers. There is a possibility to rent basic hiking equipment, a separate heated room for drying equipment (shoes, textiles). The catering offer is adapted to hikers. There is an option to stay for one night.



    In addition to the criteria for 1 hiker, all information is also available in English and another foreign language. In the hiking corner, there is a folder with more detailed information about the hiking offer and hiking tours, also in English and another foreign language. The accommodation offers guidance with a licensed mountain guide on easy and medium-difficulty tours in the mid-mountains and highlands. It is possible to wash the equipment. A sauna is available in or in the immediate vicinity of the facility. Transportation to or from the airport, train or bus station is organized. The accommodation offers common spaces for hikers to socialize. The facility’s equipment and decoration are adapted to hikers.

    Bohinj breakfast


    In addition to meeting the criteria for 2 hikers, the accommodation also provides hiking maps and guides in English and another foreign language. The guest has the option of downloading a digital topographic map with marked routes from the computer to a phone or GPS device. A large offer of guided or unguided hiking tours in all seasons and at least one multi-sport program presented in English and one other foreign language. Offer of guided tours at least once a week. It is also possible to purchase basic hiking equipment in the facility or near the facility. The accommodation has its own vehicle for transporting people and luggage. The offer includes organic and locally produced food. Maps with a description of the hiking offer in the area are available in all rooms, or the offer is presented on the room TV.

    Hikers can also comfortably spend the night in many mountain cabins. Authentic hiking friendliness guaranteed!

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.