With hikers in mind

    Specialised accommodation for hikers. With hikers in mind.

    Special provisions are made for mountaineers and hikers in specialised hiking accommodation.

    Are you asking yourself what specialised hiking accommodation is? This is a Slovenian standard that designates hiker-friendly hotels, boarding houses, and holiday apartments. They operate all year round and their offer is adjusted to the needs of hikers. Their common advantages include traditional cuisine adapted to the needs of hikers, plus guided hikes and transfers.


    You can recognise this specialised accommodation by its ranking symbol of one to five hikers. One-hiker accommodation offers the basic level of services, while five-hiker accommodation provides the highest level and quality. Signs with the appropriate number of hikers are placed near entrances to such accommodation.

    Matkov Kot Valley

    What do they offer?

    ONE HIKER: This category provides basic information on hiking, public transport information, a three-day weather forecast, and brochures in Slovenian and at least one other foreign language. A one-day hiking plan and facilities for drying hiking gear are available.


    TWO HIKERS: In addition to everything offered by one-hiker accommodation, this accommodation provides internet access and a three-day hiking plan. It organises transfer from the airport to the accommodation and to the starting points of hiking tours. Furthermore, two-hiker accommodation provides a licensed hiking guide who can take you on hiking tours. Food is adapted to the needs of hikers; a lunch package is available.

    Bohinj breakfast

    THREE HIKERS: Accommodation ranked with three hikers organises a guided tour twice a week, including an overnight stay; the price of this tour is already included in the basic price. You will be assisted in purchasing basic hiking equipment; washing and drying services for your hiking clothing are available. There is a sauna at the accommodation or in its vicinity.


    FOUR HIKERS: The following distinguishes this accommodation from the previous designation; information is available in at least two foreign languages, there is a digital topographic map of Slovenia, and the trail can be downloaded to a GPS device. Guided hiking tours are organised twice a week; a sauna and massages are available. You can even go on a hiking tour on the day of your departure, as your luggage will be stored, and you will be able to take a shower.


    FIVE HIKERS: This is the highest category, providing all the necessary comfort to hikers. Accommodation facilities in this category offer organised hiking tours five days a week and they employ a licensed hiking guide. Rental hiking boots and GPS devices are available.

    Hikers can also comfortably spend the night in many mountain cabins. Authentic hiking friendliness guaranteed!

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