Where to spend the night and be re-energised after a strenuous day on your bicycle?

    Specialised accommodation for cyclists

    Specialised accommodation for cyclists. You’ll recognise cyclist-friendly hotels, hostels, boarding houses, holiday apartments, and other accommodation by bicycle signs. 

    Not only can accommodation and hospitality establishments that are friendly to cyclists be recognised by typical star signs, but also by signs with bicycles indicating the range and quality of the services aimed at cyclists.


    Accommodation with ONE BICYCLE provides information about what is offered to for cyclists, one-night’s accommodation without surcharge, a safe bicycle storage room, hiring basic tools, a drying room, and a breakfast with fruit and whole-grain foodstuffs.

    TWO BICYCLES: In addition to everything offered by the accommodation with a one-bicycle sign, two-bicycle accommodation offers a cycling map, a cycling guidebook, and a bicycle rental option. The facility provides internet access, lunch packages, a laundry room, and organised transfer of cyclists, bicycles, and equipment.


    THREE BICYCLES: Three-bicycle accommodation provides expert cycling advice when planning tours, GPS data on tours, a 4-day cycling tour itinerary, and multiple cycling guidebooks. It offers guests guided cycling tours and a bicycle maintenance and repair facility. If necessary, necessary repair and bicycle rentals are arranged.

    FOUR BICYCLES: Such accommodation provides a 6-day cycling tour itinerary and multiple cycling guidebooks. It provides the sale of spare tyres with various dimensions, free transfer to a bicycle maintenance and repair service, a replacement bicycle, bicycle rental, energy drinks, bars, and snacks. A professional massage is available.


    FIVE BICYCLES: Five-bicycle tourist facilities try to meet the various needs of cycling tourists. Such accommodation has an employed guide who will present to you numerous suggestions for individual cycling tours and invite you to join a programme for safe cycling. The bicycle shed is secured by way of an alarm and video surveillance, top-class bicycles are available for rental, and the facility provides transfer for cyclists and bicycles to their desired starting points. Local dishes are adjusted to the needs of athletes. To top it all off, massages and a sauna are available.

    Tourist facilities with five bicycles try to meet nearly all of the cyclists’ needs.

    Cycling camps

    If you prefer, you can spend the night at cyclist-friendly campsites. These provide information on cycling trips, they have a 4-day cycling tour itinerary, and a trained guide. Tools for bicycle maintenance and repair are available, washing bicycles and equipment is possible, bicycles can be stored, placed in a drying room, transported, or rented.

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    Specialised accommodation for cyclists