Where to spend the night and be re-energised after a strenuous day on your bicycle?

    Specialised accommodation for cyclists

    Specialised accommodation for cyclists. You’ll recognise cyclist-friendly hotels, hostels, boarding houses, holiday apartments, and other accommodation by bicycle signs. 

    Not only can accommodation and hospitality establishments that are friendly to cyclists be recognised by typical star signs, but also by signs with bicycles indicating the range and quality of the services aimed at cyclists.



    Quality tourist information adapted to cyclists in verbal, printed and digital form. Detailed information about the weather, routes, difficulty, markings. In the building, this information is exposed in a visible place in the bicycle corner. A digital topographic map, printed maps or maps of the surroundings with marked cycling routes. Cycling programs and experience packages (adapted to different types of cycling) and the offer of an easier cycling tour with a cycling guide are available to cyclists. There is the possibility of renting basic cycling equipment, the accommodation also offers a separate heated room for drying equipment (shoes, textiles) and the possibility of washing and storing bicycles. The catering offer is adapted to cyclists. There is an option to stay for one night.


    In addition to the criteria for 1 cyclist, all information is also available in English and another foreign language. In the cycling corner there is a folder with more detailed information about cycling accommodation and the surrounding area, also in English and another foreign language. The accommodation offers guided tours with a licensed cycling guide for easy and medium tours (in the types of cycling it offers). It is possible to wash the equipment. A sauna is available in or around the facility. Transportation to and from the airport, train and bus station, and luggage transfers are organized. The property has common spaces for cyclists to socialize. Quality bicycles can be rented at the property. The facility’s equipment and decoration are adapted to cyclists.



    In addition to the criteria for 2 cyclists, the accommodation also provides cycling maps and guides in English and another foreign language. The guest has the option of downloading a digital topographic map with marked routes from the computer to a phone or GPS device. A larger offer of various guided or non-guided bicycle tours in all seasons and at least one multi-sport program in English and one other foreign language. Offer of guided tours min. 1 x weekly. Possibility to buy basic cycling equipment in the building or near the building. The accommodation has its own vehicle for transporting people and luggage. The offer includes organic and locally produced food. In all rooms there are folders with a description of the cycling offer and cycling maps, or the offer is presented on the room TV.

    Tourist facilities with three bicycles try to meet nearly all of the cyclists’ needs.

    Cycling camps

    If you prefer, you can spend the night at cyclist-friendly campsites. These provide information on cycling trips, they have a 4-day cycling tour itinerary, and a trained guide. Tools for bicycle maintenance and repair are available, washing bicycles and equipment is possible, bicycles can be stored, placed in a drying room, transported, or rented.

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