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    Green Karst

    The varied relief of the Green Karst invites you to explore its natural beauty and offers real sporting challenges.



    Green Karst


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    The nature of the Green Karst is magical and one of a kind, full of surprises and uniqueness.

    Stone and water, forests and meadows form an incredible landscape. Breathtaking karst phenomena, the richness of plant life, the numerous types of birds and butterflies, cave animals, game and wild beasts captivate everyone. The mysterious underground world with beautiful dripstones, tunnels and waters take your breath away. Unspoilt and unforgettable.

    Take a ride through the heart of Notranjska region and learn about the story of the intermittent lake, the witches and the former camp at Cerknica. Take a trip to the "coldest" part of Slovenia and get to know the warm hearts of the people you will meet in Babno Polje.

    Foto: Aleš Petrič

    Hikers and trekkers are drawn towards the high peaks, especially Snežnik (1796m) and Nanos (1313m), which are famous for the beautiful views. Snežnik is the highest mountain outside of the Alps and its peak is a botanical reserve. The Green Karst is full of hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty which lead you through the magical beauty of nature. Some of these trails can also be done by bike and there are even more opportunities for easy and moderate bike trips on the Karst fields with their lakes, castles and roadside guesthouses. The picturesque Green Karst offers a real abundance of opportunities for an active holiday.