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    Rogla – Pohorje

    Incredible climate conditions and vast forests provide the best white or green break



    Rogla – Pohorje


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    In addition to the ski centre, the general Rogla – Pohorje Hills area combines the tourist offer of the nearby Zreče, Slovenske Konjice, Oplotnica, and Vitanje. It boasts numerous natural and cultural sights.


    There’s lots to do at the Rogla Ski Centre, both in summer as well as in winter. It’s located at an elevation of approximately 1500 metres and it’s considered to be a natural climatic health resort. Rogla is a popular destination among world-class athletes, who do their altitude training here. In winter, Rogla hosts international cross-country skiing and snowboarding competitions.

    The Treetop Walk is a special attraction. This is a 560-metre long walk offering a special experience of nature, as it goes high up in the canopies and provides a 360-degree view across the Pohorje Hills from a 37-metre panoramic tower.


    If you still have some time left, visit the Oplotnica Gorge near the town of Oplotnica. Tour the 12th-century Žiče Charterhouse or the Trebnik renaissance manor.

    When a walk in the tree tops becomes reality.

    Rogla has many natural landmarks and unspoilt nature stretching across an area at an elevation of 1500 metres.

    Active experiences in Rogla

    The Rogla Ski Centre is visited by skiers, snowboarders, and cross-country skiers alike. In winter, there’s also a snow park and a sledging hill. The ski centre is popular with families, as it enables easy access by car, bringing you directly to the slopes.


    Summer hiking in the surrounding hills is replaced by snowshoeing and winter hikes in winter. The hills are not too steep and they are covered in dense forests. Many forest trails are suitable for running.


    The primeval forest of the Pohorje Hills, idyllic mountain trails, and mountain roads are so enticing from late spring to autumn that cycling enthusiasts just cannot resist. However, if you want to feel true cycling adrenaline, go to the Rogla Bike Park and go down one of its eight tracks.


    Rogla destination is not exciting just during international snowboarding and cross-country skiing competitions, but there’s always a lot to do.

    A winter adventure for the whole family! Rogla ski resort and Zreče Thermal Spa.