Hike along the paths walked by Martin Krpan

100 km long circular hiking and biking trail

    Great Krpan Trail

    The Great Krpan Trail is a 100 km long circular hiking and biking trail marked with recognizable signs, which runs along the paths walked by Martin Krpan, a legendary literary folk hero in the story of the Slovenian writer Fran Levstik.

    The trail starts in Pivka, then crosses the Javorniki forest massif through Šilentabor and the upper Pivka basin and reappears on the edge of Lake Cerknica. It continues towards the Loška dolina, where it begins to climb to the Bloke plateau near the Snežnik castle, and from there it is possible to continue across Mt. Slivnica or descend to the Cerknica field on a steep slope with an exceptional view of Lake Cerknica. The trail then leads through the picturesque Rakov Škocjan, where it ascends to Postojna. From there the trail will guide you acros the Pivka basin to St. Trinity mountain and back to starting point in Pivka.

    Lake Bloke (Photo: Aleš Petrič)

    There are 7 checkpoints on Krpanova pot, where hikers can get a stamp on their card, and the points are marked on the map with a blue number on a yellow background. Hikers and route information are also available to hikers. The numbers especially mark the larger sights along the way that we can see.

    Rakov Škocjan (Photo: Aleš Petrič)

    Recreational hikers can cross the trail in four days, but it is also possible to cross it in several shorter stages. The route runs in such a way that it is also suitable for cyclists and riders, and in most cases it is also transportable by other means of transport.


    You can get a map of the Great Krpan Trail in the tourist info center.

    Rakov Škocjan (Photo: Aleš Petrič)