On the trails of Laško

    With the hike on Hum on 20 April 2024, we are launching a promotional campaign of guided hikes along the well-tended and marked thematic hiking trails of the municipality of Laško and the destination of Laško. We invite all lovers of walking in nature and socialising, as well as all those who want to get to know the surrounding places, stories and attractions of the rich local cultural heritage, to join us on our traditional hikes.


    The organisers of the individual hikes, which you can find on the map below, will provide entertainment and a pleasant atmosphere, sightseeing along the way, and, if possible, drinks and food as part of their programmes.


    All those who have participated in all the hikes in the current year will receive a PO LAŠKIH POTEH 2024 badge at the end of the year, and all those who have participated in a total of at least 24 hikes in 3 consecutive years and have collected at least 24 stamps in the PO LAŠKIH POTEH Diary of Thematic Hiking Trails will be awarded a golden PO LAŠKIH POTEH award at the end of the last hike of the year, and the golden hiker will be entered in the PO LAŠKIH POTEH Book of Honour.


    Children who take part in all the hikes in the current year and prove it with stamps in the Diary of thematic hiking trails on the Laško trails will be rewarded at the end of the year with a ticket for swimming in the Thermana Laško swimming pools.

    The stamps of the completed hikes can be collected in the booklet Diary of thematic hiking trails along the Laško trails. The booklet is also a hiking diary of thematic hiking trails in the Laško municipality. The content of the booklet is divided into two parts:

    • the first part is related to the promotional campaign of the hikes Along the Lachian Trails and
    •  the second part, which is dedicated to the general presentation of the thematic hiking trails of our destination.


    The booklet, like the hiking promotion campaign, is aimed at everyone – hikers and nature lovers, walkers and tourists holidaying with us. Look out for the letterbox with the entry book and stamp on each themed hiking trail, and record your visits to the trail in the stamped logbook.

    The booklet can be purchased for € 3.00 before the start of each hike, throughout the year at the TIC Laško (Valvasorjev trg 1, Laško) and the TIC Rimske Toplice (Zdraviliška cesta 47, Rimske Toplice), from some tourist service providers or online.