From peak to peak, from pass to pass, from hut to hut

    Bohinj Alpine Trail

    Bohinj is perhaps the most important cradle of Slovenian mountaineering. Hiking and mountaineering in Bohinj are recognized as the primary activity, integrated in the work of locals, and it is also the most important activity of local and foreign visitors to Bohinj.

    A little more than 40 years ago, in 1977, the Bohinj Alpine Trail was founded, which is, along with the Slovenian Alpine Trail, one of the oldest long-distance trails in Slovenia. The Bohinj Trail was restored in 2007 when celebrating its 30th anniversary.


    It is a point-based long-distance trail that runs to 36 checkpoints that are accessible to every average mountaineer. The special feature of the Bohinj Alpine Trail is its climbing part that leads us to eight two-thousanders. In Bohinj, the Bohinj Alpine Trail is recognized as an exceptional treasure and a tourist hiking product that we plan to nurture and offer to visitors in a sustainable way.

    Those who hike the alpine part and collect stamps in the logbook shall receive a silver plaque and a certificate. Those that conquer two-thosanders, shall receive a golden plaque and a certificate.


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    We wish all visitors to the Bohinj Alpine Trail a safe tour, memorable impressions, and unforgettable memories of the beautiful Bohinj mountains.

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