This time ’round, we tested a hiking gear selection from Salomon. It includes hiking shoes, hiking trousers, sports shirt, a hat and, just in case of a bad weather, light wind/rain proof jacket. In this review, we will go over the specifics of each item, and look at how they work on the field.

Time to play

For our feet, Salomon low hiking shoes OUTline GTX.  On the first glance, you might think they are trail running shoe, due to their low profile and design similarities with running models, but when you look closely, a bit more robust edges here and there, with fewer ventilation meshes give it away, as a hiking shoe. ContaGrip outsole with 5mm tread, combined with EVA foam cushioning and glued, seamless, stitching promise safety and comfort. GTX means they feature a Gore-Tex membrane. The only thing that looks dirt cheap, is shoe tongue.

Salomon OUTline GTX

Light & Low

Although it looks like a trail running shoe at a first glance, a closer inspection reveals more robust build.

— Slovenia Outdoor,

Next on the list were hiking pants Salomon Wayfarer (straight). Even when still in the bag, the pants are extremely light, and the feeling is confirmed, when you put them on. Made out of technical material, that stretches in 4 ways while offering some wind and rain protection, the pants also boast the »BLUESIGN« label, that guarantees sustainable manufacturing process. Your conscience lays at rest. The Wayfarers feature 4 pockets, 2 classical, 1 just above right knee and 1 back-pocket. They are closed by the way of the zipper, and have mesh interior.

Light, with almost elegant cut, Salomon Wayferer’s are one of the most usable hiking pants around.

The sport’s shirt is….bright😊. You protect your head with a XA Pro hat, which wraps your head nicely, is light and keeps its form even after you will squish it in every way imaginable. Ours is black, which does not have positive effects on the hikers head in hot summer days, but is other ways nice colour choice. The XA Pro comes with mesh air vents, but do not expect miracles.

Upper layers

If you have wide shoulders, the shirt might be a bit tight.

»There is no bad weather, only bad gear«, ever heard of this saying?  The weather in the mountains changes rapidly, as you know, and that is why, we always keep additional protection layers in the backpack, namely, rain and wind protection. And the lighter it is, the better for us. Salomon’s answer to this requirement is wind and rainproof jacket La Cote Flex 2.5L. The latter number marks Salomon’s technical material, that combines moisture vapor escape membrane with rain protection fabric in one material.

They call the technology »AdvancedSkin Dry 20K/20K« as it provides 20 000 mm waterproofness and breathability of 20 000 g/m²/24h. The jacket features adjustable hood, glued stitching and waterproof zippers. All in all it comes in at 300g dry weight.

Salomon La Cote Flex 2.5L fully adjustable jacket features AdvancedSkin Dry 20K/20K and comes in at 300g


We conducted the testing partly in Vipava Valley and partly in the hills around Polhov Gradec. The timing of the test was stretched between February to May, so almost three months,. The conditions included wind, snow, rain and hot spring, summer-ish, days.


To keep the order, lets comment on the shoes first. As we are used to Salomon’s small sizes, we ordered one size bigger, but still, the shoes where tight. But after first use, we found them quite comfortable, the only problem was on the down hill. So, half a size or even one full size more would be better. The quality of the build looks  good, so far there is no visible damage on them. ContaGrip outsole provides enough grip on variety of terrains. The Gore Tex, as we are used to, needs a bit of help in the form of protective spray in really wet/winter conditions.


The sports shirt, provides the basic upper layer for sporting activities, its main purpose is fast drying while maintaining high level of comfort. The cut of the Salomon’s shirt is a bit specific in the shoulders area, if you have wide constitution, it may feel a bit tight, as it does not stretch to much. The shirt is not intended as a slim fit. Otherwise, comfort level is good, as expected.


The La Cote Flex2.5L jacket was always with us in the backpack, and came in handy on a couple of occasions, especially in the winter months.   We didn’t test it in the heavy rain, only light, and some light snow conditions. The jacket is light, therefore easy to carry and store. It gives good protection against wind and light rain. If/when you do fast ascends, the membrane will not cope with the amount of heat your body will generate, and you will get some condensation. This is the price you pay for waterproofness. When hiking normally, it is OK.


For us, the best part of the package were the Wayferer pants. Extremely light and breathable, while having very, dare we say, elegant cut. This means you will wear it all the time, at home, in the great outdoors, in town…almost everywhere. The only concern we have, is that mesh pocket interior. It likes to grab on keys, nails or other stuff with sharp edges, meaning that it will probably tear faster, if you will not be careful.


All in all, a really nice setup from Salomon, that you will be comfortable with. As always with Salomon, mind the sizes.