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Winter season 2016/2017
December 16, 2016 to Easter mondat April 17, 2017

The following booking conditions apply: Minimum lenght of stay: 3 night. Arrival and departure: daily
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Walking time

2-4 hours
Path length

6,5 km



A walk around Golte

The walk starts from the terrace od the new hotel Golte and the upper cable-car (gondola) station. You can reach the mountain also by following the new road from Mozirje by Šmihel up to the Alpine garden. A memorial plate od the helicopter brigade, which marks the desertion od the first helicopter from the former JNA (Yugoslavian national Army), can be found here. This helicopter landed in the vicinity od hotel.

The walk countinues uphill from the Golte hotel to the monument of NOB (National Libertation Fight). Here, the 14th Division crossed Golte in the winter 1944. A resting place near the monument offers astonishing views around the nerby hills and hills further away, such as Menina, Kum, Pohorje etc.

The walk takes us past the upper station od the three-seater chair lift Medvedjak to the cottage Trije ploti. Here you can aldo fin dan accumulationg lake. Water from the lake is during winter used for making snow. The walk countinues straight forward, uphill towards Stari Stani.When ascending towards Stari Stani we arrive at a rest place situated in a glade; in we countinue further left, we arrive at a Karst chasm where snow can be found until the en of July. This chasm is a typical kart phenomenon characteristic of Golte. The walk than crosses the ski slope and countinues left-downhill towards huts.

The descend down the pasture ends at the shepherd’s hut and the mountain hut Stari Stani. You can treat yourself with rfreshments and culinary delights at the hut. Stari Stani is also reachable by road fro Ljubno ob Savinji. Be careful: at the end of the pasture, before huts, the walk turns to the right.The next karst chasm can be found by countinuing of the path towards Lahovnica. In this part of the walk, the most interesting feature is a karst fault with sinks and sinkholes of meteor water. The ground composition at this part enables the growth of very specific types of plants. The walk countinues by the road and then after cca. 50 m turns to the left in the wood (direction Jezerca).

Jezerca is a place where we can enjoy the wonderful surroundings, tranquillity and silence and the company of birds, butterflies and other small animals. After the rest, you may continue your walk to the Alpine garden or take a longer path past Zagradiški stan towards Boskovec.After approximately an hour walk from the lakes, past the Zagradiški stan and Isteje (you can reach Smrekovec by a mountain trail from Isteje) you come to Boskovec (1.588 m), the highest peak of the mountain Golte. After that you can return the same way you came, towards the cave Ledenica or continue your tour following the mountain trail to the Mozirska hut and the Alpine garden.

The Ledenica cave is a karst phenomenin that, because of its position, enables the formation and preservation of ice all year round. In the past, farmers and shepherds used caves for storing food. The walk continues to the chapel (Jezus, good shepherd). 100 m from chapel to the left is ”Mozirska” hut, for Alpine garden you turn to the right (200 m).The Alpine garden is an area where flowers, typical of Golte, are arranged and protected. The garden spreads out to around 2 hectares and the paths are equipped with rest places and information tables