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Winter season 2016/2017
December 16, 2016 to Easter mondat April 17, 2017

The following booking conditions apply: Minimum lenght of stay: 3 night. Arrival and departure: daily
[email protected] Reservation hotline: +1 800 1234 556
Walking time

41 days
Path length

1800 km


Round tour

Slovenian Alpine Cycle-touring trail

The longest european MTB cycling tour that visits all major slovenian mountain ranges. It measures 1800 km in lenght and covers 50.000 height meters (ascent).

The basic trails of Slovenian Alpine Cycle-touring trail are not tehnically demanding, although on some sections can be difficult and you will have to push your bike, but never carry it if you are well prepared. The trails go on roads with no traffic, forest roads and singletrails; and is marked. In the proposed direction the trail is completly ridable. The trail is also easily accesible by train, so the you can arrive and depart by train.

On the trail you will ejoy diversity of slovenian landscape and numerous points for learning alpine, national and tehnical history (Slovenian Alpine Museum, Kugy memorial, Alpine botanical garden Juliana, Idrija mines, Info center and museum Trenta, Mežica mines, Pocar homestead and many more). The trail passes 109 check points with stamps, which you can collect to prove you have acomplished the trail.

You can check details HERE
You can purchase the trail diary (for collecting stamps) HERE