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Winter season 2016/2017
December 16, 2016 to Easter mondat April 17, 2017

The following booking conditions apply: Minimum lenght of stay: 3 night. Arrival and departure: daily
[email protected] Reservation hotline: +1 800 1234 556
Walking time

1 h
Path length

3,2 km


Barefoot Trail

Walking barefoot is considered one of the best methods of relaxation, for this intense feeling- away from the brains- makes for a great counterbalance to modern overflow in our heads.

We can again feel everything around us, from the centre of our bodies. Afterall, taking your shoes off is not good only for your feet, but also for  your spine, blood presure and veins. It is very recomendable for children. Walking barefoot enable us a direct connection with the ground, enhances blood circulations and improves imune system. During walk we stimulate the parts of brain that coordinate senses, feelings, thoughts and centres for associative thinking.

That is why Terme Snovik every tuesday organizes guided visit to the themed barefoot trail, that includes the presentation of Kneipp’s life philosophy of 5 elements of healthy lifestyle, a walk with detailed explanation of each element, relaxing the body and the spirit, learning about different herbs on the trail, use of training elements, the arm bath and the stork walk in the stream, stretching and Kneipp snack.

PRE-REGISTRATION: each monday till 21.00 hour on reception
PRICE: 3 € (adults and children above and including 4 years old), 0 € (children less than 4 years old)

The effects of barefoot walking:
• natural reflexotherapy,
• massage that works on feet acupressure points,
• strenghtening of small muscles in the feet,
• helps with development of healty feet shape.

Kneipp barefoot trail goes on different natural materials, that make your sensations more intense and that is why Terme Snovik set up three trails, on which your feet can experience the whole asortiman of materials.


Located right next to the pool area, it invites you to visit it many times during your visit of Terme Snovik.

Materials: 1 – fine sand, 2 – “cat heads”, 3 – glinopor, 4 – river stones, 5 – humus, 6 – pines, 7 – chopped wood, 8 – thick sand, 9 – river sand, 10 – tree branches, 11 – tree rolls.




It is located above the appartments in Terme Snovik and offers barefoot experience on different materials in a bit longer version. Materials are simmilar to those used on Spiral trail.




3,2 km long barefoot trail, equiped with 12 exercise elements. The trail leads on pasture, sand, through forest and other natural materials. On the way, you can make other Kneipp therapies, like hand bath or stork walk in the stream as well.