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Slovenia Outdoor Longterm Test: hiking shoes Scarpa Mojito

When we were looking for everyday shoes, 5 years ago, we found and bught low hiking shoes Scarpa Mojito. After 5 years of use and abuse, we can tell you this…  

Ever noticed how, when you are in sports or outdoor for some time, you begin to wear sports oriented clothes and shoes, that mark you as an outdoor enthusiast from afar but are also, oh so comfortable and usefull. But because sometimes you have to go to the office, bank, city folk or the like….it is nice if they don’t really stand out to much. So we where looking for the shoes that could do all that, be comfortable and usefull in every possible scenario. To be honest, there isn’t much choice to begin with, either the design being too agresive, available colours to shiny or the outsole to agressive. So the decission to take Mojitos from Scarpa was not that difficult, especially since it was recommended by the proverbial friend. They come in many shiny colours, but luckily, in some “not so shiny” as well like black, blue and blue-gray. We took the latter.

So the first impressions? Well, the shoes look minimalistic, with little cushioning, with Vibram outsole and upper from semish type leather with rubber protective cap front / thick leather back. The overall look is nicelly laid back, casual, but still goes well with jeans and polo shirt, when you have to look a bit more serrious and grown up.

For the past 5 years we have used them round’the clock, all seasons, all weather, all circumstances. From the city pavements, shady forest trails, unforgiving rocky croatian islands, vast australian desserts, Julian Alps or 7th floor offices…we hiked them all.

So, what can we report?

The grip on this hiking shoes is good, especially on rocky terrain, as long as you do not find yourself in mud. The low-profile outsole profile isn’t really good there. The oustole is not really stiff, so they tend to twist and bend over rocks or roots. We didn’t test them climbing though, but since they do not offer much support anyhow, they are probably not very usefull there.

As mentioned above, there is not much cushioning in the midsole. That means that you feel the ground beneath you (and pebbles, rocks, roots, whatever), but your feet may hurt after a while. It also means that they are light. The upper and inside of this hiking shoes are great. With time, they form to the shape of your foot and become very comfortable…and the comfort only gets better with age. It almost feels, like putting on a pair of slippers putting them on this days.

Scarpa Mojitos have a long tongue, almost reaching the tip of this hiking shoe. We found that at this particular spot, during a step, the material likes to fold, pressing down on your thumb. It is not really an issue, but you can feel it when you stand on your toes. The outsole is obviously low, so no fun in the (deep) puddles or snow slush. But for that, you can choose a model with Gore Tex, which is also available.

King and queen of tests….Wear and Tear?

The answer is: Yes, there are both present! But not structural and only on expected spots. For instance, the leather has lost colour on the exposed parts, like the spot you grab when you are putting the shoes on, or the parts  on the sides . But this depends on the specific use. The seams are intact and the outsole is still connected to the upper like the first day. We are starting to see some splitting on the cap of the shoe, but there is still some time left, before that will become a serrius issue…the outsole will be gone long before this happens. The upper shows no tears, ruptures or other damage.

The opening of the shoe, shows some tear. We heard reports that this happens often, which shows that this may be the weak lnik of the shoe. On the soft sides of the outsole, we can spot only two cuts on one shoe- specific damage from the unkown source J The outsole held well, it has remained compact with even wear. There have not been any chunks of material falling off, just a nice, even wear.  The grip remains (except on the heel, where the outsole is gone).

The Scarpa Mojitos insides also aged well. Lining along the opening has started to tear on one shoe, and there is obvious wear noticed on the insole of the hiking shoe, but everything still holds together perfectly.

The model itself has some age now, but it doesn’t really show, not in the price or in the selling numbers. Luckily, you can find some discounts around the internet, but getting the black colour will be difficult.

Anyhow, after our experience we can only recommend Scarpa Mojitos and we will most likely change the existing ones with the new pair…..offcourse in black.


Cover photo: Jure Lenarcic

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