Through the land of lakes, forests and bears by bike

    And also the land of endless macadam roads winding through ancient forests, where here and there a breathtaking panorama opens up. Discovering Kočevsko by bike is perhaps the most sensible – leave your car and luggage at the Camp Jezero, located by the Kočevje lake, or in the comfortable rooms of the Bearlog hostel in the city center, and go around by bike.


    First, of course, to the Kočevje lake, which is among other things one of the cleanest and deepest (up to 40m deep) lakes in Slovenia and has become a popular gathering place in the summer months. The water temperature can reach 25 degrees and more, but even if you don’t feel like swimming, visiting the lake is a good idea, with a well-kept promenade and corners for relaxation (or fishing) and the possibility of sailing or SUP-ing. The newly renovated city center is also worth a walk, especially the area around the riverbank offers wonderful views, the sharp eye of the photographer will find many wonderful details here.



    Divje. A prijazno.

    Kočevsko nature is intertwined with many paths and trails that invite you to explore them on foot or by bike. The mysterious forest, clean water sources and natural attractions created ideal conditions for contact with nature.

    Then where? We recommend that you direct your bike towards the Kočevje MTB Trail Center, where you will find everything from a bike park and large jumps to a training ground for developing basic mountain bike skills. You can take the visit as a warm-up or as a relaxation after the tour. After all, they have a local craft brewery in Kočevsko, and trying hoppy delicacies in a cycling environment is the best thing. The center is open under suitable weather conditions.

    MTB Trail Center Kočevje is one of the best bike parks in Slovenia and also one of the few that offers large jumps

    In the surroundings of Kočevje, all types of cyclists will find terrain for themselves. You can find your own route on the website, but we would definitely recommend the Kočevje bike tour. This route will take you to some of the most beautiful corners of Kočevsko in 140 km circle.


    As you can see at first glance, there are a lot of terrains for MTB, electric bikes, gravel and trekking bikes, so let’s also mention the road “snakes” that await road cyclists. Access to Kočevje by road bike is excellent, whether from Ljubljana or from the direction of Dolenjska, both access roads are popular “training” ground. The main challenge in this part of Slovenia, that no serious road cyclist will leave unconquered is the Strma reber climb, or “bear’s turns” as they call it. At the end of September, you can also tackle this in a competitive way, at the event “Climb to Strma Reber“.

    Uphill race to Strma Reber

    You look at it and think, great for me, but what about the kids? Don’t worry, there are easy circular cycling routes available to you, where the whole family will find joy and relaxation in the whirring of the bikes. In Kočevsko, you will also find targeted experiences that will connect children with wilderness and nature, and give them something more, something for a lifetime.

    From the easiest to the hardest, you won’t be left without terrain under your wheels at Kočevsko.

    Now in autumn, when the temperatures are ideal throughout the day, you will be able to really make the most of every day of your visit to Kočevsko. There is also a train from Ljubljana to Kočevje, on which you can take your bike with you, so that you will be carefree from the moment you leave your doorstep (if you start near the railway line, of course)


    And finally, maybe you’re worried about bears and other wild animals that have a bad reputation? Let’s just say that if you happen to see a bear, you can consider yourself lucky, because they are quite difficult to encounter in the wild. But if it happens AND if it happens at a distance that is no longer comfortable, a simple retreat helps. Slovenian bears do not have a developed hunting instinct, so they will neither pursue nor hunt you.