Bike through Slovenia


    Around Slovenia, through the hills and to the sea

    Long-distance trails cross this country from north to south, from east to west. Criss-cross Slovenia on your bicycle.

    What’s more beautiful than touring a country by bicycle and riding on one of its long-distance trails? There are quite a few of these, mountain and road trails.

    Kolesarske poti po slovenskih hribih

    Cycling trails through Slovenia’s hills

    Mountain long-distance trails


    Are you tempted to visit Slovenian mountains and hills? Then one of the mountain long-distance trails will be perfect for you. The 1800-kilometre circular Slovenian Cycle-Touring Trail has the most to offer. You can learn about the wonderful mountain world of three countries – Slovenia, Austria, and Italy – along the Trans Slovenia Biking Tour. The Pohorje Hills, considered to be Slovenia’s cycling Mecca, has the Pohorje Cycling Route. If you’d like to go cycling in the mighty Karavanke Alps, head to the Trans Karavanke Cycle-Touring Trail. Fun in the mountains guaranteed!

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    Top mountain biking long-distance trails

    Slovenska turno kolesarska pot
    Pohorska kolesarska transverzala
    Trans Slovenia 1 in2
    Trans Karavanke

    The Slovenian Cycle-Touring Trail

    On this circular cycling route, you’ll cover all of Slovenia. It’s very dynamic and many mountaineers would feel proud to take it. It covers 1800 km and if you ride this trail in its entirety, you’ll cover an impressive 50,000-metre elevation difference! The highest point is the Poštarski Dom mountain Cabin in Vršič at an elevation of 1688 metres, while the lowest points are Piran and the Sečovlje Salt Pans at an elevation of 1 metre above sea level. In technical terms, the trail is not difficult. It takes you past 109 checkpoints. These include more than 50 mountain cabins and specialised accommodation intended for cyclists, where you can rest and get some food and drinks, and many tourist sights.

    Pohorje Cycling Transversal

    Lovers of forest trails and mountain bikes can visit the 75 km dynamic cycling trail running through the forests of the plateau-like Pohorje Hills. It connects the eastern part of the Pohorje Hills, which rises above the city of Maribor, to its western part. It ends at the foot of Kremžarjev Vrh Hill in Koroška. The trail is marked in both directions. If you embark on your journey from the east, from Maribor, you can take the Pohorje gondola to your starting point in Bolfenk. Local cycling trails from all of the major centres surrounding the Pohorje Hills connect to this trail.

    Trans Slovenia 1 in2

    The Trans Slovenija 01 MTB tour connects Slovenia, Italy, and Austria. The trail will take you from the Julian Alps through the picturesque Soča Valley to the Brda Hills, and then through the Vipava Valley and across the mysterious Karst to the coast. On your journey, local culinary specialities and a rich cultural heritage await you. Trans Slovenija 02 is the natural continuation of the first route. It begins at the Faaker See in Austria, takes you across the Karavanke Alps into Slovenia, over the Pokljuka Plateau and Soriška Planina to Idrija, then across the Karst to Piran. In a technical sense, it’s more difficult that the Trans 01 tour and it’s suitable for electric bikes.

    Trans Karavanke

    Slovenia’s longest mountain range, the Karavanke Alps, extend for 120 km along the border with neighbouring Austria and are a true magnet for mountain bikers. The Trans Karavanke cycle-touring trail is divided into five stages and extends from Jezersko to the Triple Border (Tromeja) in the far northwestern part of Slovenia. It mostly runs on the forest roads of the sunny side of the Karavanke Alps and it’s suitable for mountain bikers who are in good physical condition. The length of the single-day stages are from 25 to 35 km, and the largest elevation difference in a single day is 1650 m. Stunning nature and breathtaking views are guaranteed.

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    Road long-distance trails


    In the northeastern part of Slovenia with plains and gentle hills, you can find the Bicycle Trail Along the Mura and the Drava Cycling Trail. Along the coast, there’s an interesting cycling trail called Parenzana – the Route of Health and Friendship. One of the most beautiful cycling trails is in Alpine Slovenia, it takes you from Rateče, past Kranjska Gora, to Mojstrana. You can also get a sense of the Alpine atmosphere on asphalt if you go on a circular route around the Kamnik and Savinja Alps. Go cycling through the mystical Bela Krajina region on the Via Bela Krajina Trail.


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    Top long-distance road cycling trails

    Dravska kolesarska pot
    Okrog Kamniško-Savinjskih Alp
    Via Bela Krajina

    Drava Cycling Route

    The Drava Cycling Trail is a part of an international trail that begins at the source of the River Drava in Italy, continues through Austria, Slovenia, and ends in Croatia. It follows the river along its entire 710 km length until it flows into the Danube. The length of the Slovenian part of the Drava Cycling Trail is 129 km. It mostly runs on less busy local roads, but partly also on dedicated cycling trails and paths. It’s suitable for well-prepared recreational cyclists, as an ascent between Podvelka and Lovrenc na Pohorju must be conquered. The use of trekking or mountain bikes is recommended.

    Rateče – Kranjska Gora - Jesenice

    If you’d like to enjoy easy cycling in an idyllic Alpine landscape, this long-distance trail is ideal for you. It will take you from Rateče, through Kranjska Gora, past Gozd Martuljek, to the Alpine village of Mojstrana. The picturesque trail takes you across many bridges, on an abandoned railway, and it’s almost completely separated from motor vehicle traffic. On this easy trail, you’ll find rest stops and many places to grab a bite, so it’s very popular with families with small children.


    The famous Parenzana coastal trail, also known as the Route of Health and Friendship, runs on the former narrow-gauge railway line between the Italian city of Trieste and Poreč in Croatia. It was once used to transport agricultural produce, which grows well in fertile Istria. The length of the entire route is 130 km and an elevation difference of 1080 m is covered. The Slovenian part of the trail runs along the coast, takes a turn among vineyards, and partly runs through abandoned tunnels. It’s not difficult, so it’s ideal for a family trip or spending time together while relaxing on a bicycle, or you can even visit it on foot. The mild sub-Mediterranean climate typical for the Slovenian coast enables cycling in all seasons.

    Around the Kamnik and Savinja Alps

    The 130 km circular trail around the Kamnik and Savinja Alps is popular with well-prepared cyclists, who cover it in a single day, and with those who extend their cycling trip into a multi-day tour. On the trail, you’ll cover approximately 2000 m of elevation difference and enjoy many beautiful natural sights and stunning views provided by the Kamnik and Savinja Alps.

    Via Bela Krajina

    This cycling (and hiking) circular trail will take you all around Bela Krajina. It runs amongst gentle wine-growing hills, through forests and idyllic villages to the River Kolpa. It's flat and suitable for family cycling, but even advanced cyclists will enjoy it. If you need some refreshment and rest on your journey, stop at local ‘gostilnas’, traditional pubs and restaurants, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this magical landscape in southern Slovenia.

    Trail along the River Mura

    The riverside cycling trail along the River Mura begins in Austria, where the river’s source is. You’ll hop on your bike in the Hohe Tauern National Park. The trail then follows the River Mura past Graz and crosses into Slovenia towards the Pomurje region. It ends in Croatia, where the River Mura flows into the River Drava. The natural beauty and the easygoing atmosphere which can be felt in Pomurje are quite convincing for many cycling fans who decide to embark on this journey. The proverbial hospitality of its people and local cuisine and wines produced in the surrounding gentle hills certainly only contribute to its popularity.

    Cyclists are welcome in Slovenia


    No matter where you go cycling in Slovenia, locals will be glad to recommend interesting cycling trails. You’ll also encounter local cyclists wherever you go and they’ll be happy to advise you.

    Daljinska kolesarska pot via Bohinj

    A bike ride across the Lake Bohinj