14th International Wild Flower festival in Bohinj

A spectacular tribute to Spring, flowers, bees, nature and socialising:

  • Zlatorog’s Fairy Land (fun family weekend in Ukanc)
  • Festival’s Gala Opening
  • Festival’s market (open kitchen, local products and concerts)
  • Guided botanical tours with a culinary accent
  • Concerts and folklore performances
  • Educational and creative workshops for adults and children
  • Outdoor yoga and meditations
  • Exhibitions and lectures
    … and much more.

FRIDAY, 22 May 2020


 SUNDAY, 24 May 2020

MONDAY, 25 May 2020

TUESDAY, 26 May 2020


THURSDAY, 28 May 2020

  • 14:20   The Harmony of Water, Forests and Screes (Guided botanical excursion) and flower menu at Jezero Hotel, TIC Ribčev Laz; 12 EUR (flower menu with botanical excursion: 27 EUR)
  • 16:00  Photography workshop with Triglav National Park photographer Aleš Zdešar – TNP centre Bohinj, Stara Fužina; 15 EUR

FRIDAY, 29 May 2020

  • 15:00  Guided botanical excursion to Rudnica and dinner at Pri Hrvatu Inn; Starting point: Info Center TNP Bohinj; 12 EUR (flower menu with botanical excursion: 27 EUR)
  • 17:00–22:00   Culinary evening with flower menu at Pri Hrvatu Inn, Srednja vas; flower menu: 17 EUR per person (flower menu with botanical excursion: 27 EUR)

SATURDAY, 30 May 2020

  • All-day special offer  “Tandem paragliding flight” – Bohinjsko / From Bohinj experience guided by guides from the Alpinsport agency, Ribčev Laz; special promotional price 93 EUR
  • 8:00–13:00   Local Craft and Farmers’ Market, Market Bohinjska Bistrica; free
  • 10:00–13:00  Dario Cortese: Edible wildflowers – Collecting in preparation – workshop with an expert (price: 27 EUR; per person)
  • 10:30  Guided botanical tour excursion:  »From Ukanc to Savica Waterfall«, TIC Bohinj, Ribčev Laz; price: 12 EUR (boat ride from Ribčev Laz to Ukanc included)

SUNDAY, 31 May 2020

  • 17:00  “Horseback riding on Senožeta” – guided experience with the Bohinjsko / From Bohinj certificate with the guide of Mrcina Ranch, Studor; special promotional price 42 EUR

MONDAY, 1 June 2020 – FUŽINA DAY

  • 12:00–20:00  Open house day – Alpine dairy museum, Stara Fužina; free
  • 16:00  Guided botanical excursion with Triglav National Park guide on Pokljuka: the mysterious peat-bogs in Goreljek, project VrH Julijcev, hotel Jelka, Goreljek; free
  • 18:00–20:00  Flower dinner in Hotel Jelka on Pokljuka, (botanical hike the peat-bogs with flower menu 15 EUR, flower menu 17 EUR)
  • 17:00–19:00  Old Mill House Experience – visit one of the oldest still working mills and saws that are powered on water, Guided experience with Bohinjsko/From Bohinj certificate; Center TNP Bohinj, Stara Fužina; special festival offer 20,00 EUR
  • 19:00  “Žganci” tasting at Planšar home; Alpine Dairy farm museum, Restaurant Planšar, Stara Fužina; 3 EUR

TUESDAY, 2 June 2020


THURSDAY, 4 June 2020


SATURDAY, 6 June 2020

  • 9:00  Exploration of flora and a flower lunch at Tripič Restaurant (guided botanical excursion across the meadows of Kobla, flower menu at Tripič Hotel), TIC Bohinjska Bistrica; 12 EUR ( flower menu with botanical excursion: 27 EUR, just flower menu: 17 EUR)
  • 10:00–18:00  Enjoy in the park near lake Bohinj – Market presentation of the local and Slovenian cuisine and products from Bohinj; Ribčev Laz; free
  • 15:00  “Bohinj chocolate tasting” – experience with the Bohinjsko / From Bohinj certificate, Hotel Kristal, Ribčev Laz; 6 EUR

SUNDAY, 7 June 2020 – ROVTAR DAY

  • 14:00  Greetings from the meadow on Nemški Rovt – Edible flowers workshop with Monika Golja and flower menu in Inn Resje, Nemški Rovt, Inn Resje; (workshop with flower menu: 27 EUR)
  • 19:00 Festival conclusion – Presentation of a new book entitled: Cvetje “Flowers”; Center TNP Bohinj, Stara Fužina; free