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Winter season 2016/2017
December 16, 2016 to Easter mondat April 17, 2017

The following booking conditions apply: Minimum lenght of stay: 3 night. Arrival and departure: daily
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TIC Maribor

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Maribor, Pohorje Mountains, Slovenian Hills and Dravsko polje


Central Štajerska is a destination of colourful experiences in the embrace of the lush green Pohorje forests, sundrenched hill vineyards, a rich urban and rural heritage and a remarkable viticultural tradition, the symbol of which is the oldest vine in the world.

It stands proud in all its finery on the embankment of the River Drava in Maribor, the centre of this region, which thanks to the world cup and cycling park is also the Central European epicentre of cycling. The destination offers outstanding conditions for mountain, road and trail biking, and it is also family-friendly.

• Head out to the Mariborsko Pohorje, where anyone with a surplus of adrenaline can enjoy the Pohorje Bike Park.

• Discover the natural gems of Pohorje such as the lakes of Črno Jezero and Lovrenška Jezera, and the Šumik virgin forest with its Mali and Veliki (Little and Big) Šum waterfalls.

• See if you are up for the 75 km long Pohorje cycling transversal route. Or you can let yourself be pampered in the middle of Pohorje in the boutique fairy-tale Ruševec Green Village, a unique example of ecological, sustainable and green tourism in Slovenia.


• Take the plunge with a family adventure and bike on down the Drava to the Drava Centre, where you can get into some fun activities on the river. You can also seek out the lovers’ cove.

• Discover the countryside and its cuisine by electric bike. All this can be done with a KULeBIKE, the healthy, active, good and cool (KUL) option.

• Let yourself be enchanted in a romantic discovery of vineyard hillsides, find the road shaped like a heart and visit the nearby local vintner. And the local roads that criss-cross the vineyard hills are a challenge for many a road biker. Štajerska hospitality awaits you at every step!


Total length more than 1,000 km

Number of all tours 20

Marked trails 10

Lowest and highest points 275–1,400 m above sea level


Beacuse of the DH World Cup, a world renown bike park, in which you can ride with a Gravity Card. Very close to the city of Maribor and with great infrastructure. Besides 5 trails in combined length of 15km of different difficulties, you can also train jumping into “soft”box, or enjoy the covered “Pump track”. New trails are also being made.

  • Height difference: 717 m
  • Number of trails: 5